No Sunday Date For Me….


I know! I know! There i was all excited and filled to the brim with a lusty, romantic, whimsical *swirl* of delight. Over the moon. Custard creamed over, with a delicate, ooze of glittery magic. I was tumbling into a lull of soft landings and cherry picked sweetness…

…and then Junior decides he needs his Mum, because he hasn’t seen her since Friday morning…The Spanish Doctor has gotten held up in Wales, with family engagements….(he was willing to push the date back to a later time, but it’d be too late really for us to enjoy ourselves) so we came to the conclusion that Sunday (due to forces beyond our means…(we’re both highly family oriented, so it’s hard for us to juggle. When i’m talking ‘family’ with the handsome Spaniard, i’m talking his siblings and parents etc…We both come of cultures of that sort..and i like that.) Well we just couldn’t effectively see each other tonight and be able to relax without worry and enjoy one another…get to know one another..freshly.

I was super disappointed at first and waited to see if he would do anything to sort of mend the situation…as we were both in a muddle. Was this for real? Was it not? Does he actually like me? Then straight away with ;within a minute’ apologies that could melt the heart of the most stubborn soul in town…he swirled on in with an, ‘I REALLY want to see you, romance you, spend time with you…what other days this week are you not working early? I really want to do this date, cook for you’ and well basically prove to me that he’s serious and wants to date.

Sooo, we both work a lot and i’m glad that we do! 🙂 And I was just thinking, ‘oh we’ll just have to do it next weekend.’ But no…that wasn’t soon enough for him, as he wanted to ‘make me his’ sort of immediately. (Still sexy.) Therefore, after I blurting out my work schedule, just like that he organised it all, with a saucy *click* of his fingers, managing times, trains, pick ups, drops off, with links and everything…(I LOVE THAT.) He reminded me that I was beautiful 😉 …and I galloped into the distance, with him, back in the delightful *swirl* of magic…

So Date Night is now…MONDAY and in a way it works out perfectly or us both, as I get to be with my baby J. He gets to not rush back from his family in Wales. He’ll finish work on the first day of the week (which always sucks) and get to immediately relax with moi, as we enjoy a home cooked, romantic meal together and get to know each other..and enjoy the start to a potential new beginning….

I like that he can make everything right, once it looks like it’s going pear shaped. I get to be a girl again, instead of this independent warrior.  He’s not a child. He’s a full blown adult. As Ben’s still a baby…and it’s often frustrating for an girl, when you have to look after a guy. But now, I don’t have to! 🙂 AND we’ve been non stop chitter chattering all day long, after the rearrangements and guys do this to make sure the lady still feels secure. (That’s good.) And well, he just thinks that we’d make such an amazing and complete couple.

I’m  still very excited for our date and to be honest, Monday is good. Timing is everything. Everything’s still on, so you don’t need to fret. It’s not a last minute ‘no no,’ it’s just too busy people, trying to fit in love and each other.

I love a flying visit, I still get to enjoy Mummy time and I’m not at work Monday, so I get to get ready and chill ALL DAY, go on my date, enjoy being romanced, then travel back home to be with my children, or work the next morning! I love it! Win!Win! Win!

Date night…Monday!



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