No such thing as Mr.Right!!!

My Mr.Right just does not exist. There’s always Mr.Almost right, Mr. Not right at all, but he’ll do for right now, Mr. has potential to be right, yet just seems to be quite wrong, and Mr, Would’ve been right, if he just didn’t Fuck up….right?? I don’t know why i am always disappointed with my ‘other halves’ so to speak. I sometimes, step back, stop, and think, ‘how did i get here??’ I have literally dated ZILLIONS of men, from all cultures, all nations, all whereabouts, all dodgey bars, and still for a girl who’s last name rhymes with ‘Stunna,’ (who’s ya Daddy, whooooooooo’s ya daddy…..oh and got that in there greggy,) you would think that i would be satisfied by now!!!

Current squeeze is ‘Latin lover,’ and well our relationship is long distance, (which is always retarded, pointless, etc…etc…) and due to his ZERO relationship skills, it can basically be described as one long dodgey ‘ chase scene’ from a Tom & Jerry cartoon.  Not fun!! Like i always say, guys usually act how they ‘think’ i would want them to act…and they always always guess wrong!! It’s funny ( she says as she cries into her lonely pillow…lol) This one just pisses me off, ‘frustrates me,’ because he can never seem to make the right decisions. At first the ‘frustrating me’ was cute, now the cuteness has worn away …..completely. I feel like he’s in slow motion or something, which is never fun for anyone really.  Or just not fun for me.

3 thoughts on “No such thing as Mr.Right!!!”

  1. Chrissie Wunna … Asian Stunna!

    Speaking of distances, Manchester isn’t too far away from Yorkshire . . .


    (Greg gives Chrissie a virtual hug.)

    Have a virtual rose too . . .

    Although I’d prefer to give you a real one.


  2. Ur a Mank?? I love it!!Which ‘Mr.Right but….’ description do you fit into ?? haha! Thanx for the vitual hug, yet that virtual rose thing, looks like a sign for a dodgey loo. But i love it anyway!! Thanx!! Big kisses


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