No Case of Da Blues


Morning my delicious giggles of love bunny!

What is BETTER than waking up on a dreary MONDAY morning, in Yorkshire and then realizing that you have THE DAY OFF! Woohoo! Yeah bitches! Mama ain’t got no work. So, my Monday morning rocks! *Victory air punch here.*

Life is still really good and i’m closer to my family than ever. Things are really slotting into place now and I enjoy fitting pieces, you know the pieces that make sense, the pieces that ease in nicely and form part of the whole picture without a side of drama. That’s me right now and well i feel happy.

I’ve really knuckled down and i’ve really secured myself into my seat tightly, as I’ve strapped in and gone for ‘dreams come true.’ I’m making money. Good money. And well alongside motherhood, being focused, smiling more and loving every bit of all that I have and am, i actually think that i’m going to MAKE IT. And when I say ‘make it,’ I mean it in the sense of that vision, the goal, that i have in my mind, of where I want to be….Before, my goal was a little misty and I felt like I couldn’t see it for idleness, poor priorities, drama and all sorts of daft things. Now…i’m fresh faced and  running towards it with the biggest, cheekiest smile, armed with two bambinos, a set of heels, boobs and a giant warm ‘COME TO MAMA.’

I’m celebrating my strength today because I never fell so much to pieces to the point where I couldn’t actually pick myself up, do the right thing and like my tattoo says on my right arm ‘MARCH’ forward with utter kitty strength. People fall and I witness their fall and I wonder why they don’t just snap out of it. Bad things happen in life, but in my life good things happen more. Every day i thank the old man above, the universe, the whoever I decide to tinker with, with all my heart for blessing my silly, yet rather sexy self with love, life and happiness. Good things happen to good people. Nothing more to be said.

(I’ve totally listened to my personal spiritual guidance CD this morning. Can you tell? 🙂 )

The babies are fine. We lunched with Grandma yesterday, as Ruby wiggled off for a day with ‘Daddy Pete.’

Let me tell you, Pete has really STEPPED UP, in the Daddy stakes. He’s championing it now. He’s really come into his own and well,  we’ve known each other since he was 11, we’ve had the same sort of upbringing, schooling and everything. So he knows me pretty well and we live by the same morals, hence why we get along and we’re getting along more and more, as time goes by and i’m infact i’m watching Pete, as he does a ‘Daddy pick up’ from my patio, grow into MAN. It’s great watching men develop for the better. Watching then grow into Kings of responsibility and honour.

Things are so different to 2 years ago. He’s been really reliable, helpful and well even when I’m in a muddle with Baby Junior and if my Mum dares to leave me and venture away to Ireland, 🙂 he always offers to step in and help like all trusty gentleman do…that you have on your patio? I’m proud of him and because Ruby has it better than anyone now. She seems to be surrounded by love and families from all angles.

I think when men have ultimate respect and love for Moi, women and people and they can selflessly make my children happy, it makes me happy. I remember when he used to get so stressed when Rubes was tiny, as this Daddy malarky was all new and sudden. It gets to men, it stresses them out because they are not naturally made for nurturing the young. 🙂 Yet, now he’s really great at it and all it took was a few years of growing.

You know, he had NO REASON what so ever to actually like me…but he does and he respects me with a soft kindness. It’s not even fake. Like Harriet said, when she bumped into him after we initially broke up and I went about my usual ‘being single’ nonsense…she bumped into him and he never once said a bad word about me. He hasn’t to this day. Even when he must’ve had days where he despise me. He adjusted and replaces his anger with a warm heart..the positive. Usually boys spend every moment they can slagging me off to their acquaintances for a bit of pity party and a ‘look at me.’ It’s easy to voice off a story, when the parties you’re speaking to, don’t really know me…as the image of me is different to who I am as a real person, i think to some?

But yes, around of applause because I feel he’s an ‘in the background’ face who never gets the praise that he maybe deserves. I mean he’s never even said anything hurtful or bad to me, after the split. He’s always been decent, kind, with little blips, that he’s filled with respect. Even the other day when i was rambling on about how much Ruby resembled him, he said ‘She did a scowl today and it’s weird because…’

..I then butted in, because I do with Pete and jokingly said,

‘She gets all her normal faces from you and her scowls from me.’

I thought i was being funny…i always think i’m being funny, even if i’m not that funny.

And even then, in a moment of jest, his politeness didn’t even want to offend or hurt me, to the point where he replied with a,

‘No…noooo, not at all. I don’t know who she gets that off. It’s definitely not you.’ (It’s the little things.)

So well done Pete. (It’s not a big love connection, before everyone gets excited, or jumps to conclusions. It’s just a moment to say ‘Thank you Pete.’ I appreciate the people that I have in my life who are positive, helpful decent and respectful.)

Even though it’s my day off, I kinda have a lot of work to do. I’m excited to give you lashes and excited that I’m getting to do my ‘dream come true.’ I’ve definitely almost run out of contact lenses though meaning that I’m having to wear the same pair again today. Ouch! I don’t ever know what happens to my ‘paid for’ sight. The kids nick off with them and hide them behind stuffed animals and pillows. Then when i’m blind, they laugh at me and make me do things for them. I’m sure this is ‘in house’ bullying. But whatever 🙂 I love them anyway. Lol xxx

Off to run errands..

Keeping it Wunna x






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