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Heellllo, my delightful winks of mucho..mucho! How are you all? I’m working hard, yet mildy disturbed over the fact that a whole bunch of folk found this blog by searching ‘sexy tranny’ and ‘do indian’s masturbate.’ Jesus Christ! I mean, i’m trying to prep for eyelash selling here and weirdo’s are still channelling, in their own special way, down some dodgy path of delight.

I’ve had a great day today and because I met great people. I have great friends and well…today i not only got texted by an old work ccolleague but i also was visited by a very recent old work colleague, who i had missed very dearly. Y’see, the thing about seeing the people that you miss, is the fact that it makes you feel ‘giddy.’ It makes you feel excited. In the past people have been excited to see me…(i’m a swine, but i make impact :)….I’ve not only had people weep, but also nearly watched  a boy get run over my a powder lemon, convertible VW beetle, on a busy LA street.) Today, the stiletto was on the other foot…and yes, it felt WONDERFUL to see the people who i, myself feel comforted by…and let me tell you,  I really only enjoy people who comfort me, as people who make me feel nothing , or stressed…give me a face rash…and well that isn’t ever very delicious, when you’re a glamour puss.

But yes, Life is awesome. Work is great. Beauty line in en route. The Babies LOVE EACH OTHER. I mean, nothing is more satisfying than that! I mean, I watched Junior leap around with utter explosive happiness, just because Ruby was about to walk through the door…and well, a a Mum, when that happens, it makes you feel great. And it only makes you feel great because you hope that you’ve raised them that way, to adore and respect each other madly and forever, in the name of ‘family.’ The rest of the evening was spent being Mum, having a wine, relaxing from work, and gobbling up burritos, whilst watching Kendra Wilkinson, on ‘I’m a Celebrity,’ eat a penis.

I’m still struggling to fit things things in, but i’m going to be success, so i’m chipper about ti all. Things are going well and in fact, I don’t think my love life is too shabby. I mean, I know what’s important to me and my family and in the end…now that i’m sensible…i usually end up doing the ‘right thing.’ I’l see what December has on offer. (I can’t actually believe how i managed to turn my 2014 around. It went from shit to amazing. I’ve never ever worked so hard in my life.)

Okay, i’m knackered now. I’m off.

See you tomorrow.

Same place. Same nonsense

Wiggle..wink…hip bump. x

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