Nightcaps are a no no

Just woke up, and i can’t quite figure out whether, i’m getting the flu, or whether, i just shouldn’t have had that sugary, vodkary nightcap?? I promised myself, that my lips would never bless that drinky ever again. But F**k it whatever, promises are there to be broken! Wait…no, that’s ‘Rules.’ (haha) I’m dumb too! Oh save me from myself!!!

Other than a slight hangover, i’m feeling wonderful. It’s actually hilarious,( as i walk into giant objects, littering my path,) and the ‘HELL-like’ weather outside, is perfect for complimenting, the ‘fuzz,’ going on  inside…. my head. Not too worry though, life is great, and there’s nothing that a good cup of tea, or another beer can’t fix!! Around this time last year, my friend and I, were making, our other friend, steal Indian food from his work place for us to eat, in West Hollywood. Oh the ‘Joy’s of previous starvation! Thank God i decided to be the ( and in The Wizard of Waz’s words…that’s an early morning mouthful) ‘The Buddha, of getting my boobs out for a living.’

Big kisses…godda go to work! xxx

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