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I’m really happy right now. Really happy. I’ve had this AMAZING day at work. I’m surrounded by AMAZING people, I’m SMASHING it. LOVING it and doing super dooper well! Today i underlined the fact that one of my acest personality traits is my determination and this playful spirit of ‘win, win, win.’ And if you’re with the right team of folk….you always ‘win, win, win.’ It’s all about your energy with others, your connection, your chemistry and your drive.  It doesn’t matter what area of life you’re looking at, the right kinda team always wins! So yes, all is amazing,

I will admit, that life’s a bit hectic due to there currently being just me and the babies,,,BUT,..i’m doing my do and i’m doing it wonderfully, with an absolute touch of glamour! If you can’t handle it…you can. 😉 I just laugh stress off, apply more lip gloss and strut. My eyelash brand starts selling next week, so i’m excited, yet in a rush. I’m not at all panicked, as i know it’ll do well. I mean, i have the best lash line in all the land The quality of those lashes are divine! And there’s something for everyone! AND i’m working. I’m handling an amazing day job, at the same time as being social, being a loving mama and creating a business based on m love for eyelashes.

On the boy front…i’m feeling rather impressed right now and if i enjoy anything, i enjoy being IMPRESSED by the opposite sex. I don’t know why I am, other than the fact that i’m naturally a girly girl, therefore being the kinda girl, who embraces the joy of  ‘la femme’….I kinda love a ‘hero.’ The kinda guy written about in fairytales. And like every human, alongside that fairytale…a physical attraction seems to be the thing that keeps the cogs going. I mean, far too many people apologise for fancying someone physically, because we girls have kicked up a fuss about guys being guys. (And that’s including myself, even though i do deep down know that they are simply wired differently.) But yes, I love to be the kinda ‘impressed’ that happens when men use their own initiative and without us women having to prompt them.

I’m impressed.

Anyway, aside from that…i’m working all weekend and intending on loving every moment of it. I guess, there’s something attractive abut a being who can work their arse off and do well at life…with a SMILE.

Okay, it’s late night wine and takeout time,

Love you.

Have an awesome weekend,

Wunna x

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