Nibby Knockers McOutty

Hello my dearies. Worked all day, naked, posing and pouting. I was in a conservatory…with my tits out. In a living room…with my tits out. In a spiral staircased bedroom and bed…with my tits out. And in a shower cubicle…with my nibby knockers McOutty! Eventful day! I had myself, perched and smeared on everything, with apparent ‘sex appeal’ oozing from my system, in a Mansion in Wakefield.

It wasn’t even a normal shoot. I had 5 different photographers snapping me at the same time. I’ve actually worked quite hard today. When i die, i shall have a story to tell. I felt like the Ultimate Glamour Puss. Life is being good to Me…i hope it doesn’t end.

I’ve just had an ex ask me to marry him. (I declined his sweet offer. You never want to be an ex of mine, because i truely believe that once it’s over…it’s completely done and over. I never venture backwards. Once an ex…always an ex.) I’m wishing i went out tonight for at least a couple cockatils. (I hate myself when i stay in. Yet if i have a boy handy, staying in isn’t so bad.) A camera man in Brighton has asked me to go on a date with him ( he did it quite cutely on my voicemail, all humble and defeated) and i’m wanting to re-see those hot shirtless boys who were LEAPING from roof to roof, outside a pub with their bodies of deliciousness!! They were like slutty male super heros. (And that’s simply because i’m horny.)

Boyband Jonny is being quite sweet to me currently. He too was on a shoot today, with his band of merry men. He sends me the most sentimental text messages.The kind any girl would want to hear and I like that a lot, simply because he’s expressive and usually boys never dare to ‘express’ near Me. But does he do it because he knows it’s what i like to hear? Or does he do it because he truely feels it? I’m an expressive girl and an affection chica chica…so we do send each other the most beautiful words of love. Yet then we follow it up with bickering, abuse, fighting and name calling. We seem to function quite oddly but to be honest i haven’t really talked to him that much today. (I’m currently stubbing my toe to ‘Biggie’ and Facebook chatting with Rex.)

I’ve got to go. I’m knackered now and having flashbacks of me drunk singing in cars to WestLife and slapping a homeless woman across the face for stealing from Me. My life will haunt me forever. Bat least i have a story to tell.

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  1. Yeah tell me about it. It’s funny how boys are quite bad to you, then all of a sudden when you’re gone, decide they want you forever. Every single ex at some point has asked me to marry them. This floozey has moved on!! (You can probably add a ‘muthafucker’ on the end of that too.)


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