Next Stop….Work


Gosh! What is worse than knowing it’s the last day of your week off! But nevertheless, work is work and in a way getting back into some moneymaking, normal routine is great!

I’ve been happy, tired and lazy! Hence, why going back to work will chipper me up a little and get me back on track. Lol.  But I will say that I spent Saturday morning, getting up at five o clock in the morning, travelling through cities in a pink party dress, looking like a plank and performing the ‘show’ that is ‘Chrissie Wunna.’

It was pretty okay. It was hard, but great. I met some alright new faces, yet there was point in the day where in which I sort of looked about, thought ‘why the hell i am here?’ I just fancied getting back home, getting straight in my pyjamas and being with the babies.

If anything, I realized how much I enjoy a really simple life and that i’m so utterly different to how I was years ago. I love the way I was ages ago, but simply because I actually developed as  a human, so looking back makes me feel good.

I got home, flung off my heels, was happy to have met this awesome friend named ‘Lee’ who travelled back with me…ALL THE WAY, until our last stop. The dress was flung off, weave unclipped…I grabbed the babies, smooched them and in the name of Pontefract we ordered a giant pizza, with a kebab follow up! It felt like bliss!

So, yes even though i do well at times and bad at times at being showbizzy. I really do much much prefer a normal, chilled existence. I’ve done a lot, but when you’re an oldie, and when you’re a Mum and when you actually feel content…life is great and you wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m looking forward to normal work, blogging, doing the lash line and being Mama.

So yes, I’m at The Carelton with Benny. I’m getting off my laptop, simply so I can spend some time with him (I haven’t seen him in ages and it just feels great to have him in my eyeline. I’m happy. He’s ace. He looks happy to see me, which is always good.)

I love you all.

I’m off.


Chrissie x


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