New Dates, Excitement, Babies & Ben


Morning!! Happy Bank Holiday Monday weather! (If you’re not in England, it’s raining!) Hope all your Easter’s were lovely! I spent mine with my family and it was AMAZING! I’m off work again today and life is all a bloom. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s Spring, or because everything’s new and I’m going on this date next week. But i’m excited about life and for a kitten like moi, who enjoys this kind of feeling, my world is a swirl of delight.

Okay! I’m having another family day today. I’m trying to fit them all in before I start my work trail. Junior is dying for me to buy him golf clubs. Ruby wants some kind of ‘because my brother is getting something, I want a toy’ toy. Were all going to meet up with Grandma and do lunch and I’m needing to buy myself a ‘Date Night’ outfit. 🙂 🙂 🙂 (As I won’t have time other than today.)

First of all, I keep getting loads of messages about the Ben situation. So, i’ll just say this…I haven’t spoken to him in weeks now and haven’t hung out with him in probably a month or something close to that now. We’re not together, but I don’t hate him. You can’t really because he’s simple…and he doesn’t hate me…he’ll just be in a hump about me right now, as obviously we’re not doing love. Plus, I’m maturer than a fall out. Our paths just don’t cross ever, so i won’t really see him around, as he’s still doing the ‘Ponte’ thing…which he WILL one day get out off…I hope…and well more than anything, I wish him the best, as I really knows that he wants a future, a life and something to feel proud of. If he works hard, accumulates, learns to drive, gets his own place, becomes more established…in a couple years, he’ll be an awesome, very ‘Yorkshire’ catch for some girl. He just needs to take a step out of Pontefract, find a new circle, lust for life and feel like he has a sense of purpose..become a grown up, with massive responsibilities and enjoy it. But i’d always be his mate. Yet like I said, our paths just don’t really cross, even though we live in the same town. Plus, I feel fine with being in Pontefract now…but only because i’ve been and seen the world…lived, experienced and achieved. I have stories, trophies and a family.

Done. That’s all done with now.

Okay, about my new date. (Even Ruby has just looked over and said, ‘why are you smiling?’) Smiling, is the key to life. Just live it happily and fit as much love and happiness into the years you have left, as you never know whats going to happen and we stress far too much over nothing! Please don’t stay stuck in a rut and please live your life the way YOU want to and not be restricted by what other’s who might not know what’s best for you think. Yet please do also be very careful. Even though i’m associated with ‘beauty’ so to speak (ego much,) my brain really does work. Honest!

Soooo, i’m excited for my date on Sunday. It’s official and he penciled me in, as he’s working all Easter due to loads of people having ‘heart attacks. He’s messaged me all day and evening, telling me the most wonderful things about myself and himself..and i’m really looking forward to enjoying dinner (that he will have cooked himself) at his, with a really good vino and a whole lot of Spanish. 🙂 He ‘s lovely and romantic and gushing about me, as I am him but because we’re both excited and spicy, aren’t we. But like I said, I’m due a bit of romance right now and i’m going to enjoy it. He’s looking for love and believes he’s found potential in me…yet doesn’t say it like that, he says it like i’m the most beautiful, kind and wonderful women he has ever noticed in his entire life…which is sexy, brave, expressive, romantic and clever 😉

Today, I’m excited because i have the babies, (who are currently running around in a living room circle of madness)  my mum…my family and it’s still a holiday. But i’m excited to be getting a ‘date night’ dress, makeup shoes…the girl essentials, because i’m back to being a kitten again, a girly girl and it feels lovely. I’m so excited about my date that I’ve even gotten Lydia (Symonds Barnes,) who I work with…to style me. It’s what she does best, she loves it, she studies fashion and wants to be a celebrity stylist. Whenever I’ve been out, as a group, with friends…she has looked AMAZING, to the point where our eyes have just dropped out of our heads at how great she’s managed to throw things together. So, i’ve let her give me style tips and she’s smashed it. Right away she was reeling off options like I was a Kardashian and it was amazing! She’s really great at it and so now i feel super secure, because if he doesn’t like me…I’ll blame my stylist! Lol.

Anyway, I’m off…I need coffee and to see my Mum. As if i’m about to be romanced by a young, Spanish, Doctor, who openly adores me. I guess Kitten’s really do have 9 lives. 😉 I like that he doesn’t bother playing the game of love and instead is passionate, forward and just expresses himself immediately, as he’s not a scared, knows what he wants…which makes him confident…like ME! Roll on first date! (I hope it all goes well.)



(If you are revisiting my blog from WELCOME back. I know lots of you are…and well that;s the great thing about my blog, it’s always here, as i’m doing life…and you can tune in whenever you it daily, monthly or whenever you remember.)

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