Never ending Sausage


Honestly, you know life must be good when you tackle a sausage roll, that seems bigger than most sausage rolls, yet for some reason, you believe you can conquer the sausage roll…however, once you start the journey…the ever so loooong journey, you find out that it is, what I have aptly labeled, ‘the never ending sausage roll.’ It honestly never ended. I couldn’t even believe how long it took me to even get to the middle of my chew. I’m not even lying. Danielle (who’s just got back from ‘Maga,’ after being a glorious ‘still  fun teen’…) watched the ‘never ending sausage roll’ process. We actually call Danielle ‘Greedy’ so she could probably do it in one. Then make out with fifteen teenage boys.  😉 Oh and when I say ‘we,’ I mean Jenna, who i watched leave my eye sight today WITH A TREE SAW in her hand. HAHAHA. I think it’s sexual frustration…as she went to watch ‘Magic Mike’ last night at the cinema…and well now she needs to cut down trees? Jenna’s quite hardcore, so it’s her version of the simple ‘pulling labels off beer bottles.’

I think we’re all sexual frustrated right now? I am. But i’m celibate, i think? 🙂 I mean, I shouldn’t be sexually frustrated because i’m one to express myself ‘sexually’ whenever i please…in the privacy on my lonesome. (FYI/ I don’t think that’s wrong, for those of you who are frowning. It keeps you out of trouble and heartache.) But, I’m sexual frustrated for sure….and it’s even more annoying for me, because i’m not someone that can truly do sexy time, without having sex with someone i utterly adore. Boys are boys and they’ll go through the motions with anyone, be they a good boy, a bad boy, or any boy. Chicks are different. Unless you’re  a massive floozy. Everything is so emotionally tied. Well unless you’ve just used them for sex. 🙂 I’m a love bunny, so i’m heavily cringe. But yes, whatever, i’m celibate, celibate, celibate.

I got to go home from work early today because Florence is my favourite and i’d worked super dooper hard. I was an accidental money making machine. Adam got sent home last week because he was annoying and i’m extremely annoying, so I don’t get why I can’t just get told to leave for the day? That did happen once…but I could’ve handled it…honestly…I was just hungover…not at all still a bit drunk. 🙂

I’m looking forward to doing my tomorrow which is my last day of my six day stint. YIPPEEE! I kinda feel a sense of giant achievement now, after moaning so much all through the week. I’m banking dollar. I’m feeling happy. I even did my lingerie shoot last night, after work and waltzed into my day job this morning like i hadn’t pouted and posed in undies all evening. *Can can here.*

But yes, one day left and then Friday night is upon me! I’m definitely doing drinking. Yet I don’t really fancy a massive blow out, where you end up in ‘Biggies’ which i could actually do as the babies are with Fathers and I have the house to myself, with no work in the morning. But i’ll figure that out later. I’ll fancy drinks. Easy drinks. And just a release, or should i say reward for working so accidentally hard all week.  (It is important to have fun and reward yourself. If you don’t, you go berserk.)

To everyone that rambled on about the air in my tyres today. IT’S FUCKING DONE. Lol. I’ve had it sorted and I got someone else to do it for me. There’s zero way that i know how to attach some hose to some pipe in my wheel, to inflate it. It’s beyond my brain capacity and doesn’t come with champagne, or pecs. I can’t even flirt with the goddamn machine to get it to work…so I just drove it to the nearest garage, ever so politely flirted with guys and got it all sorted for myself. 🙂 Yay!

I’m having a wine now, to celebrate life.

Everything’s really good and i’m really happy. I’m concentrating on the lash business and being Wunna the best way I know how. I’m loving every inch of life and encouraging you to live it, love it and be as happy as you can be. You get one shot to make great things happen, so do it. Get that ‘dream come true,’ moment. Work hard. Fall in love over and over again. Have fun. Love your family.

Okay i’m off. I want my merlot.


I love you longtime.

Chrissie x








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