Need a giant deeeeeeeeeeeeeeestress


I have a rash. My stress rash. That rash that pops up out of nowhere and says ‘WASSUP,’ all over my neck and face, whenever i hit ‘panic button’ and do it all behind excessive smiling and waving. Lol

To be honest, i’ve been off all day and it’s got nothing to do with anything too dramatic other than the fact that it’s my ‘time of the month.’ I’ve got a great deal going on right now and i feel so grateful to have so much going on…yet having all these great things at once, all happening all at once, means work.I enjoy work, yet i’m definitely feeling nervous and stressy. and girls, when we’re on our ‘time of the month’ it makes us feel hideous!  My rash is here. It;s gross. I even tried to give it away to my good friend ‘Booty’ today because when she gets stressed she apparently gets the ‘shakes,’ followed by a headache. I figured having a neck rash would be better than a headache, so i offered it out. It didn’t work, She’d rather have a headache.

Right! On a cheerier note, my life is AWESOME. The lash line is doing well…The lashes are selling, I spent all evening sorting out my pitch for investment. (Always hilarious when shit at maths.) I’m partnering up with award shows to help promote my brand and i’m honoured to do so, because I feel as though i’m taking the correct baby steps for the brand, myself and well in order to set an example and inspire. Y’see, I reckon, i’m a dead good role model for all of those who have nearly hit ‘rock bottom,’ or made a few bad choices, all single mums in doubt or young girls with ambition. I’m all of that andi fi can do it, as in pull myself together and make ‘dreams come true.’ THEN YOU CAN TOOOOOOO!

I’v worked all day. It’s been my Mum’s birthday, i’ve auditioned, i’ve panicked and i’ve been Mummy. Cosmopolitan got back to me today, so i’m sending them a gift bag of my lashes for review. Wahoo! And, i’m hoping to be part of the gift bag for the Screen Nation Awards this year…

I’m tired, but loving it. I’m hopeful and looking forward to feeling right again, so i can juggle, work, Mummyhood, a business, a social life and trying to date. I want to be a success and I want to be with the man of my dreams.

2015 is all about the above..i’m ready…i’m set…Let’s do this! Coem join me!


ps/ Too tired to write anymore. xx

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