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I have had the most amazing day of creativity…EVER!

Okay, yesterday afternoon, for some reason i was feeling mighty stifled and frustrated…almost trapped in my own thoughts, which didn’t really do me any favours really. I’ve been wanting to write a naughty novel of fiction. Not like ’50 Shades’ before you all start. Even though the success of that book would be more than a delight. *Gimme.Gimme.*  But more of a naughty, somewhat trashy *wink,* bit of chick lit, luxury. Like a Hollywood dipped, glittery picture of fictional, (based on what i know 🙂 ) literature, where i can take the facts of what i know and fly them to the glorious heights of my imagination, for your entertainment and do it fabulously..with a naughty edge. I want to be the ‘wink’ of all literature.

So, i needed to begin to write and once i have the bug, i just HAVE to sort of tickle it. I’m not one to ignore an itch. I’m the first one scratching it, with a diamante bracelet. I was on a deadline, because i had one week to create and finish a few initial words. (The word count i’d find easy and because i’m well exercised in that department and all that jolly. I write every day, so for me, it’s harder to cut down my words, then spew them out in a litter of manicured genius.)  I want to create a naughty, fabulous read. One that you’d find in the clutch of an heiress or a glamour puss, that would end up being in the handbags of every lady…be they rich, poor happy sad..and simply due to the world in which the reader is taken into and ofcourse  it’s naughtiness,

Starting anything is hard, because now that i’m old, i’m far less fearless. I doubt my abilities a lot more and even though i’m confident, i’m confident once started and then praised. 🙂

It was on my mind all day and well i had Baby Ruby to look after, making the beginnings of anything difficult. You can’t work effectively and be a fully attentive Mother at the same time. I wanted to make sure Rubes felt completely adored, so i stifled my itch and played with her non-stop, until she eventually fell asleep.

The entire time i was away, in fact lost in my own thoughts, thinking up story lines, characters, words, descriptions, worlds, lives and mentally dusting them over with glitter and a indulgent bit of naughty.

I’d go through ‘YEAH’ bumps and ‘No’ bumps like a rollercoaster of doubt. Poor hubby Keiran got the brunt of my moodiness…as per usual. He tried to make me feel better and di, by being the most helpful lovely in the entire world and giving me a back massage..then a secret bum massage.

In the end we had to have a family back massage session, as Ruby hated to not be a part of the massaging. So i was oiled and massaged first, (By Keiran) followed by ‘in only her nappy’ Rubes and finally ‘The Hubs’ had his little treat by getting oiled up and rubbed down by Moi…his kitty cat wife.

Towards the end of the night, after i pulled faces and moaned a bit with a ‘no i’m fine,’ attitude. 🙂 I eventually perked up and turned loving…all kisses galore and filled with good spirit.

At almost 11pm, i sat down and penned down my opening words to the book, to the chapter and with a character. Then gathered other knowledge from Keiran about his life, (in the Army…sexy,) which inspired a deliciously dandy story of naughtiness.

It all began and i loved it. I knew i had a hit. It’s all role plays and relationships, dipped in a Hollywood glitter. LOVE IT! So Wunna-esque. So ‘do it with a cocktail.’

We went to bed and i could hardly sleep, as my mind was whizzing through a whirlwind of ideas and dialogue for the novel. it was like beginning comforted by a glorious madness of a self created world. Everything came to me and because i was happy and at peace. Infact excited about it all.

Woke up this morning, felt fresh. Keiran got Ruby ready and made breakfast, because i was a bit moddy the day before and he wanted to help out. (Aww, i love my hubby.)In fact i remember him leaning over the kitchen, ‘sort of’ counter and saying ‘I’m remembering how happy i was the day i asked you to marry me, i had never felt so happy. I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt alive that evening.’ How beautiful of him. I remember it too and i loved it. It was magical. I have a good man. (Who has been doing his business accounts all day upstairs, poor thing, as i’ve worked and written downstairs all day.)

At 11am, Ruby went off with ‘Daddy Pete’ and well IMMEDIATELY thundered to my pen and paper and began to write. Followed by tinkering it all on a word document and piecing it together to form an opening. An opening where i was pretty much held back by an 1000 limit word count. OUCH!

I adored, every single minute of it. It was like a rush. A buzz. A slur of excitement. And well i forgot that i wasn’t actually that bad at a bit of fiction. It was best subject at school. I enjoyed it then and still do now. I never realized i could actually do it, proving that the only way to become a novelist is to actually write and write without caution or ‘brakes on’ as i like to say.

I’m not one to say that i’m good at something, if i’m not. I’m shit at maths and sport. But tell me tot write a story and i’ll have it down and down within the hour for you..glistening. But i’ve had a read and because i’ve really enjoyed writing it, i now think that i’m brilliant. 🙂

If you love what you do, it makes your world a whole lot better and you should always do something only because you LOVE doing  it and not because you either HAVE  too, or you want to WIN something, via doing it.( Be that a book OR a boy. 🙂 ) If you put something out there filled love the world will give it back to you threefold and brim it with victory.

I’m brimming over with happiness today because i feel like i’ve been so productive with my day. It really does feel amazing, to be doing something wonderful. I’ve always wanted to take my writing down a different street and to another level. Today, i tried and even though it’s only the beginning, it was worth it.

So anyway, i’ve submitted my opening words to a competition, because i felt confident in my work and i’m i’m gonna head off and get back to the rest of it. If i could be a successful naughty novelist, i would be the happiest girl in the entire world.

Big BIG Smiles…

Chrissie x



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