Naked on swings with Champers

Yesterday i found myself sat on a pretty bench on Alston road, in High Barnet, London, after aimlessly bimbo tottering around, rather glamourously and rather lost, drinking peach flavoured water and armed with a wink. I have no sense of direction and mainly because i’ve never needed any. I’ve always just found myself in places, with a smile on my face and *hair toss.* Luckily, i’m a Glamour puss, therefore i’m never lost for long. After being stopped by numerous young handsome men and a sure but steady stream of school girls, asking me if i was BBF Chrissie…i reached for my Blackberry, Tweeted my existance and within 2 seconds i was bbm’ed with complete directions to the photographic studio and pretty much got their early. (Thankyou Dino!) I was actually sat next to the building and didn’t even know. 🙂

Anyway, i had an amazing day yesterday, to say i got up at 6am. I had a big, fun shoot, with Joey Alvarez, who is a fun, ‘my kind of photog’ and well..paparazzi. I was stood in a dark, but white room, that was covered in mirrored squares, curtains and lights. I had opted for a zebra print string bikini, heels and stockings to simply chill in…(i’m that kind of kitty cat…i love being an uber femme of sexual deliciousness,) and well any man that begins any shoot with me, by producing a bottle of bubbly champagne (knows me well) will always get two thumbs up, a wiggle and a feel up.

We got AMAZING shots. I’m natually really good at being a floozey, i’m a great Glamour model, and Joey is perfect at knowing what sells. I mean he had just got done shooting Kate Moss and now he had me, in nothing but an England thong, and then a wet England flag, followed by naked, in heels on a swing, pouting, posing, winking, and purring!! It was so much fun and well he said i was one of the best girls he’s ever worked with. I mean, i’m ballsy and naturally slaggy. It’s all in the eyes and how much champagne you’ve had. Infact he told me he had had so much champagne and oysters previously and that he only stopped stuffing oysters into his mouth due to having every part of his sleeves drenched in lemon juice. I love it!! How bouji! Welcome to the wold of Glamour Pussing. Then he got a mucky towel, drenched it in a tub of warm water that was out of a kettle and rubbed my boobies with it, in order to smooth out my tan. I HAD FUN! BIG FUN! My life is BRILLIANT! I mean the things i get up too, are hilarious and well it’s my job. I couldn’t ask for much more. I love being a Kitty cat! *Wink-Wiggle-Gives you her last Rolo* I think the shoot was a World cup shoot for like the Daily

Anyway, during my shoot, i met a girl…now i’m a nosey parker, so i’ll get chatting to anyone. Anyway, yeah, i met a girl called

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