My Weekend of Family


Morning my gorgeous little trinkets of ‘beginning of the week.’ Good for some. Rubbish for others. *Throws you a coffee & helps you adjust your bra.*

After fashion shows, London trips, great news and the luckiest week ever, I surrendered to a weekend with my little family…a moment of ‘just them.’ Now, I adore the work I do and I love nothing more than taking a sneaky peek at life from my kitten point of few (*hair-toss.*) However, that morning when I arrived back home, still with my hot pink ‘VIP’ wristband in tact and baggage that would state that I am the ‘all day’ Queen of Glamour. Seeing the faces of my little Baby Ruby and Baby Junior light up meant everything and the world to me. It made the luckiest week ever…even more worth it. Then we kinda had to hit panic button because I was in a rush.

I had to get the 8.03am train back from Kings Cross, after a late night of mojito’s at Beach Blanket Babylon for the In Moda Fashion showcase (I’ll be telling you all about that in the next blog) and after booking my taxi to the station for the wrong  day(Yipppeee,) you’d think I would’ve lost the plot? But no! I was beaming with happiness. A pure happiness that I haven’t felt in a long time…especially with all the troubles that I’ve had to venture through in my love life of recent. It really truly hurt me and I thought I would never be able to FULLY pull myself together. I mean, I can always pull myself together. I just slap on too much lippy and reach for my Double Wear. We all can. However, it’s the art of being able to do it PROPERLY and truly FEEL together, rather than  simply zipping up a mask of ‘look at me, i’m okay’ when really deep down your heart is shattered. (There’s no more crying into wine. We’re now celebrating with a mojito. When you change your drink. You change your manner. 🙂 )

Anyway yes…bright as a half asleep button, got to the station, rushed onto my train with glamourous bags in tow and pretty good hair to say it hadn’t been done. The thing about my life is that I juggle. The juggle used to scare me as i’m far to tragic to do it effectively in over sized heels and a jolly zebra bra. Yet you really don’t realize how strong you are, until you have to be. And i’ve had to be. But it’s been good because I forgot that I had it in me. So even though I hold definite resentment for the pleb who made me ‘have to be’ mighty, 🙂 there is a definite sense of love and thankfulness for them because without that bit of drama and education, I wouldn’t have been the kitten I am today…things have changes so much in the last couple months. I feel like a hero. (A bit glitzy, faux furred and with maybe too much bronzer on my cheeks..but a hero. *Breathe here.*)

You can’t give yourself to ANYONE really until you feel back to your original, happy strong self. Yet not only that. My body and hormones have been through a lot over this last year. I’ve had baby, followed by baby and only now had the hormonal drama decided to dissolve away (it takes a long time after a baby to feel normal again)  and the people that truly  cared for me stood by me and helped me. The people that didn’t…pulled an Elvis and totally ‘left the building.’ You don’t need people like that in your life…what every girl needs is support…and diamonds.

I”m now back to fresh faced little me. I’m at my best and becoming a success. I’m looking good and I’m feeling WUNNAFUL. I’m back on track and I thank my lucky stars for it! The funny thing is, all it wouldn’t taken would’ve been a flowers and an ‘I’m sorry,’ yet men are so stupid that they’re own pride is what gets them in the end.

Shit..i’ve got distracted! But yes…got on the train. Love a quiet train with loads of space. My eyes felt tired and I could’ve done a mojito for breakfast. Y’see, I always do the whole travelling to London thing for work and meetings. However, even if I have a second day of meetings the following day in the city….these days I will still travel all the way…JUST to tuck my babies into bed. That’s just me. It’s a bit silly really. But that’s just me. I’ve been raised well. 🙂

So as you know, I did the ‘Bloggers Breakfast’ for The Clothes Show in London. (AMAZING MORNING. Best breakfast I’ve had all year.) Then I travelled back to Yorkshire to do a nursery run. Cuddled my babies all evening. Did the morning nursery run once more and then went back to London for the fashion showcase. I stayed over because it finished late. However, instead of rolling around merrily in the comfort of Landmark hotel sheets, to the soothing sound of bliss and lay in. I got up at 6am. Got ready, got packed. Got in a taxi and was on a train by 8am simply so I could take Baby Ruby to a birthday party for 11am.

It was kinda rushy and I was panicked… in a weird happy, calm way and mainly because my train got into Doncaster at 9.48am. Once landed. (Landed? It’s not a plane. Erm..chugged?) Once chugged? 🙂  I then had to rush through a morning shopping centre…

(I adore shopping centres in the morning,)

..and then purchase  a present appropriate for a ‘just turned 3 yr old.’ I grabbed wrapping paper, cards the whole shiboogie …all with my glammy baggage fur boots on and then legged it home. (Code for: ‘Got into my Mercedes and drove, with Girls Aloud playing.’ 🙂 )

Got home at 10.45am. UGH! 11am birthday party much! I got held up because the service at Clinton cards was hideous.

Me: ‘Hi. I was just wondering if you could help me reach down that gift bag?’

Clinton staff: ‘What?’

Me: ‘That gift bag…’ (I sort of said it like there was a sense of urgency.)

Clinton staff: ‘Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Which ooooooooone…?’ (Slowest draw ever.)

Me: ‘That one!’

Clinton: ‘Oh…thaaaaat oooone. Yeah, I’ll just goooo int’a back ‘n gerra pole furrit.’

By the time he had walked off for a pole…( Lord knows what he wanted me to do for it? All i needed was a gift bag. I didn’t need to strip down into my frillies and gyrate to hip hop music for dollar bills? 😉 ) But yes, rubbish joke. He went about his life on a ‘mission to find a pole’ and I snatched the nearest OTHER wrapping solution, rushed to the counter and swiped before he even nearly returned.

Got home and my Mum (who is the BEST MOTHER IN THE WIDE will ever have a mum like I do), well she started wrapping up some laptop that I bought the 3 yr old. In a rush I buy pricey. I don’t know why? It always happens? It was a kiddies laptop…with frogs on. Not a MAC. Don’t worry. Still pricey though. Plus, half of me adores treating children, with the other half thinking that they expect ‘Wunna’ to buy their child something good. Lol.

I was getting worried about the gift buying simply because all day I had only been surrounded by high fashion goods. There was NOTHING that could’ve enticed a normal playful ‘just turned’ 3 yr old. I scanned every London top fashion store around me and in the end had to ponder whether purchasing a designer clutch was actually going to be okay for a toddler? LMAO. MY toddler would’ve loved a clutch. Rubes would’ve been all over it with an ‘Mmmkay….is that Marc Jacobs?’ 🙂

Got in…I keep saying that don’t I? Why do I keep getting distracted. Rushed around. The living room was filled with Asians. My mum, my dad, my brother, Baby Junior…endless supply of them. It was sort of like a bouji refuge camp or something, all under a chandelier? There was wrapping, moaning, crying, laughing, shouting, giggling…a few chickens may have clucked their way across the floor for all I knew to disco beats?

Ruby was already in a party dress..

Junior was changed and ready to play ‘tag-a-long.’

I was rushing around placing down bags, helping with the wrapping, kissing Ruby, ticking Junior, tripping over my own feet and weirdly scrubbing sides? When i’m in a rush i always want to clean things? It’s like setting myself an extra challenge. I mean, I admit that  it’s a shit one innit! 🙂 Why choose cleaning…I could’ve chose wine drinking? Saying that I must’ve skived off ‘rushing around’ a little bit as I still had time to try on my Owl hat by Next and pose for my own #selfie



But other than that moment…it was utter, pure madness 🙂  and in the perfect snippet of time…EVERYTHING got sorted. I smiled, I took a deep breath, I placed  grey Next coat on Ruby…and just as I grabbed the invitation off the mantle piece to make sure I was going to be headed to the correct venue. I saw that the party actually started at 1pm.

Story of my life… 🙂

Good time had by all.

The next day was again dedicated to family, shopping, dinners and cuddles.

We did Christmas and saw Santa.

Love you,

Chrissie x



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