My Web Monkey sent me this

Hello Christina,

Here’s a _short_ children’s story I just wrote that I think you’d like.

(the dude that put me in my own personal rehab and stopped me from dying of partying)

    T H E    P O R C U P I N E    T H A T    N E E D E D    A    H U G

    By ‘web monkey’

    (this whole thing is meant to sum me up or something??? we’ll see??)

    Once upon a time there was a Porcupine.  Like all porcupines he
    was covered with spiky needles called, “quills.”

    But not like other porcupines he lost his parents and was all
    alone in the world.

    Thankfully, he was raised by loving badgers who treated him as
    one of their own.

    But the one thing they couldn’t do was to touch him.  No matter
    how they tried, the sharp quills would hurt.  They would hurt a

    The Porcupine knew that the Badgers loved him but they couldn’t
    touch, hug or even kiss him.

    The Porcupine really needed a hug, so with the Badgers’
    blessings, he set out to find someone to hug.

    The Porcupine went to the ocean where he saw a fish that looked
    like him!  “Would you let me hug you,” asked the Porcupine?
    “No, you cannot,” replied the fish!  “I am a blowfish and I puff
    up like this to scare bad fish away.  Your quills would pop me
    like a balloon!”

    Sad, the Porcupine understood, thanked him and moved on.

    A few days later, the Porcupine saw another animal that looked
    almost like him!  “Could I give you a hug?” asked the Porcupine.
    “You could but I don’t think you’d like it!  I’m a Echidna!
    (Pronounced i-kid nah.)  My spines are much longer than your

    The Porcupine saw that was true but wanted to try anyway.  He
    was so lonely.

    The Porcupine couldn’t get close at all!  The Echidna’s longer
    spines kept the Porcupine from getting near!  And those spines
    really hurt!  They hurt a lot!

    Suddenly, for the first time ever, the Porcupine knew what the
    Badgers felt.  He knew what it was like to get hurt by all
    those sharp points!  And they loved him anyway!

    Even though he was hurt, the Porcupine thanked the Echidna for

    Now the poor Porcupine felt worse.  He was far away from the
    Badgers who loved him and he still couldn’t find anyone to hug!

    The Porcupine was about to give up when he heard someone ask a
    question he had never heard before!

    “Could I give you a hug?” asked a girl Porcupine.

    He was so shocked, he didn’t know what to say.  The girl
    Porcupine was about to give up too but he quickly found the
    words, “Yes!  Yes!  Let’s hug!”

    The girl Porcupine was surprised like he was!

    And they hugged!

    And it was the most wonderful, natural and happiest time they
    had ever had.  They fell in love and hugged all the time!

    Now the truth is, that porcupines feel pain when they get close
    to one another just like any other animal would.  But the
    porcupines do it anyway because that’s what they’re willing to
    do to get a hug and be in love.

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  1. i didnt understand a word of that babe i aint the shapest tool in the tool box chrissie or the quickest sprinter in the olimpics babe what does all that mean?


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