So, incase you haven’t been following my blog, or even if you have…know that tomorrow I FILM MY FIRST EVER VLOG (and i’m SHITTING MYSELF.)

I have the day off work tomorrow and i’m going to use my time plonking myself on film for all of you to watch. (Crikey.)

Now, i’m good on camera, on film, and at talking shite. And my promised my baby cousin Natalia that i’d do it.

So, it’s coming at cha TOMORROW!

What i’m going to be talking about (and know that i’m a lot less organized than Ben, so i usually opt for *winging it with a wine* and going with the flow of what happens..) but yeah, i’ll be showing you, what’s in my beauty bag, doing a ‘get ready with me’ Vlog (popular choice,) telling you about my favourite things, showing you my ‘Date nights,’ introducing you to the Family, showing you random baby outings, random Ben outings…all sorts. You get the jist of it all.

But you should be flipping excited.

Tomorrow, I film and tomorrow I post my first ever Vlog….

You better what them.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this, to get you in the mood…

All Star Talent Edited-From-TV Show Reel from Allstar Talent on Vimeo.


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