My totter can’t keep up..



Whaddup dolls! *Sizzle*

So, i’ve just taken a merry trips to the opticians to make sure that my eyes are still working. Regular 2 year check up. Apparently my eyes are better than before. Makes no sense really, but I went with it. I hate menial check ups. I find they annoying and I have no idea why? I glizty life keeps getting littered with these eye check ups, doctor’s appointments and everything in between. It’s annoying because it makes me have to put my work life on ‘hold’ and when you’re as kitty ambitious as I and your head is working at a gzillion miles an hour…it sucks, as unlike yesterday when I spent the day adoring my baby daughter, which was AMAZING…eye check ups…even though one would say ‘sight’ was essential, I find pointless and not worth hitting ‘pause’ on glitziness or work load.

Ruby and I had the most DELICIOUS Mummy/Daughter day yesterday. We BOTH really needed it and she adored every moment of it. We played, we shopped, she went on rollercoasters in newly bought welly boots, she giggled, we danced, we posh lunched at a snazzy restaurant and just enjoyed life, the simply way. People always try and complicated things when really the smart people keep things simple. Only FOOLS make things harder on themselves, as honestly, why would you? It makes no sense.

But yes, I now have one VERY HAPPY BABY RUBY. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. Today shes back in nursery and well today i’m back working off this glitter pile of ‘to do’ list. But i’m loving it. When you do work you love, you can’t tell it’s work.

SO, right now, things are just going crazy and when I say crazy I don’t mean ‘loony bin’ and I don’t mean ‘hurrah-yippee-success bonanza,’ I mean everything seems to be happening really fast, like one after the other without breathing space, making me have to catch up to it with my totter. I don’t know how it all has, other than the fact that i’ve been applying myself in a more productive fashion when it’s come to work and dreams and ambitions…and the will to succeed in all that I wish to. It only really took a  little bit of ‘trying’ and BOOM..and it is all good and it all all success based…(i think we can plonk in a *cheer*) yet I can’t really believe it. I should’ve applied myself this way earlier!

These last couple weeks have changed everything in my work life, to the point where I’m in shock. One minute I was sat on my arse with a plan, as I twiddled my fuchsia nailed thumbs in thought. The next minute, I put myself out there and *BOOM-BANG-T’DAAAAA’…everyone’s jumped on board and is helping me along…but at the speed of light. I’m actually going to do this! Oh and i’m talking about my lash line, incase you didn’t know what I was rambling on about.

Right now, I have the sample and the bulk orders ready to be made. All’s been templated and is ready to go. I’ve been in talks with 10 business men in the States, all who are in charge of sorting out m business plan for me. (I’m a massive believer in bringing in the right people to do what they are good at. That’s how things become a success. I stick to what I know and I let them work their own magic for me. I’ve seen so many people with businesses and companies who struggle away at things, when really should just bring in the correct brains to sort it all for them. People excel in different areas. Know your areas and work it well.) I knew I couldn’t do this business plan malarky to a high enough standard and I need it to be outstanding in order to seek an solid angel investors, (Louisa Zissman has 16 for her company)  so now 10 American business men from top firms are doing it for me, including my marketing strategies, my financing…my reports…my call centre team ( i didn’t even know I was having one of them) and well it’s all so full on and moving so fast that I’m lost in a gleeful state of ‘erm.what?’ I don’t enjoy the ‘erm what’ state, even though it’s gleeful because you really DO have to KNOW what’s going on. Yeah I’m the creator of the brand, the product, the ‘wiggle and wink’ of it all..the face, the mind. BUT I have to know about the other stuff. I can’t just nod and smile at everyone ‘yessing’ me.

The American’s are hardcore when it comes to business which I like. I mean, I already have people going on about ‘i’ want partial equity’ this, ‘I’d like buy into your company’ that, ‘I’d like a percentage of the business and for it i’ll do this…’ it’s madness. I’m going crazy with ‘holy moly.’ I mean, I’m someone who invests money wisely when it come sot business and I state wisely because it will get spend on bringing the correct team together. You can’t go wrong that way. So, right now i’m willing to let business men, investors…people with beneficial talents jump on board to create a board of directors, for a percentage of the company. Of course they have to pay into it. Or have some kind of service that they have on offer, which I believe is worth a percentage of ‘Chrissie Wunna Ltd.’ But i’m open to that and well the business plan IS to seek angle investor galore. I mean I do have financial backing, but I now want angel investors who know what they’re doing on this particular area!



Away from all that, i’ve submitted a pitch to Angels Den. I’m having to learn two songs that i’m having to record. I have two more reality shows to audition for AND I’ve already managed to gain interest from TWO really strong PR teams, who work in the beauty industry and would LOVE to represent my brand. They’re clients (all beauty brands ) have appeared in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Instyle…on popular shows.. etc…Meaning that I get to have big press days and also get to visit the offices and all the beauty editors and show them how to apply their new ‘Chrissie Wunna’ lashes. Can you even believe it? People work for years to seek decent PR rep and *plink-plonk* there it is for me. THANK GOD! So, i”m doing my meetings and sorting it all out. Well sorting everything that I have to sort out. I need more product and to sort out the pricing, as I’m going to be bringing a luxury brand to the high street. PR is expensive, yet my brand is a PR driven brand really.

I’ve got a lot to keep me going. So whilst I work away at that…(God I need a gin) and wait for all the right emails to come in. You stay tuned and wish my glitzy self luck. I own Chrissie Wunna Ltd now? Weird how so much can change and go from something small to something big overnight. I mean, I was going to set up an eshop and sell them online first. (That IS still happening as I’m loyal to Cyberland. It’s served me well.) However NOW my homework from PR advisors (and it’s devastatingly hard 😉 ) is to WALK THE STORES that I feel my brand is perfect for and actually SEE where it could be placed, what type of displays I would need for the store, where and how would it stand, or be priced at? It’s all happening so fast. Fast scares me, but this time fast is good. 🙂

Love you. Yay! I have working eyes again.

Happy Thursday! x It is Thursday right?





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