My Playboy Test shoot

Went to it Friday. Went well i think?? There was definitely more ‘good coversation’ going on, than ‘test shoot,’ I like that though…, and Byron (the photog) is pure Greatness!! So it’s early-ish, i turn up to number 26…it’s a massive old english mini mansion type thing, dark cherry wood door, with a stain glass window. I ring the bell, wait a few seconds, and this old school, rock n rolly type guy (think Mick Jagger/David Bowie/ can’t think of anymore) bloke comes a ‘swiggy swaggering’ to the door and lets me in!! Haha! I was terribly impressed, as the place looked massive, the house was old english dark, it was full of magical treasures, and the first thing i saw…(before i even looked at Byrons face) was a Leopard print couchy chaise thing!! OMG!! Love it! We witty bantered for ages, he’s the funniest most frankiest guy i know, quite camp, yet armed with a killer wit!! Very ‘maybe did lots of sex, drugs n rock n roll’ in the past. He made me a black coffee, in a leopard print mug, and kind of  very cooly ‘sat laid’ on his chaise in a turquiose room filled with paintings, as he asked me questions, showed me his work (‘ahem,’) made me fill out a Playboy form thing, and told me he LOVED my blog!!! ( i can’t believe he read it!!!) Immediately, and because i’m an ego maniac, i decided to adore him!!!  he like the ‘Morrisons, famous or slut’ comment!! (but it’s true people can’t tell.) Today someone gave me a free phone charger because they thought i was a hollywood film star….later on a group of pakistani boys made fun of me for having boobs, being oriental, and asked to ‘fuck me in my arse hole’ because i was a slut!

Long story short, Byron throws a black n white polka dot lingerie set at me, tells me to pop it on in the bathroom. (the most elegant bathroom ever) It was very lavish, old school and had a free standing bathtub, with a giant mirror. It too was full of treasures, and trinkets…i peed in his ‘made in the olden days, still had an old flush chain’ cream coloured toilet…it was lovely, except i looked up and above my head was a hanging tortoise shell???? Who knows??? Then infront of me was a glass tube thing with a few stones, a doyle in int?? hahaha…i finished up, fixed my stockings and in my assigned dressing gown, went down stairs to shoot!

He took about 5 pictures, and said he had it! He’s a PRO!! Then he stopped looked, asked me about my boobs, and he took 5 more…he definitely had it then!! hahaha. After the shoot, i stayed and chatted as he was far too weird not to chat too. One of the most interesting characters ever!! I hope i know him forever. We looked thorugh Playboys, we listened to his David Bowie cover band, we discussed marriages, painting, sex, drugs, and calenders, then after he smoked about 3 roll up ciggies, i was back on a train home!! I think he was impressed, yet made it clear that it was not HIS decision at all.

My pics are this moment getting to sent stateside for the old ‘once over.’ So we shall see my pretties!! Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “My Playboy Test shoot”

  1. good luck chrissie it is good u got on with the fridge he souds alright but a bit tunes . he is goona of been impressed chrissie he is male and he has got a tilb. so he will of found u a sort and as modeling is your game and u know what your doing u are bound to of knocked him bandi. im sorry about the half ounces being rude to u and saying horrible thing about harris action. they are probasbly just young mugs who think they are funny. have a good week chrissie take care babe tada scratch

  2. Best of luck! Sounds like you had a fab time – I’m sure Heff will see your star quality and big bazongas and have a staple in your navel in no time



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