My Love Life, Mondays and Ruby


Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Ruby turned 4! I did it! I’ve single mummed it, worked hard, started a business, had another baby, made money, dreams come true begin and relaunched a social life….but mot of all successful raised a very happy 4 year old.

In fact, I don’t think she had ever been happier than she was yesterday. Last year, we did the whole big party thing, with all her friends from nursery. This year, when i asked her what she wanted, she just wanted family, to live some kind of regular existence and for me to not be at work.

She woke up to a room filled to the BRIM with every present she requested. We played. We lunched. She danced. She giggled. She LOVED every inch of being alive. She loved every inch of being FREEEE. I watched her and just knew that she was happy and when you’re a parent…it’s those moments that fill your entire life with worth. I’m a good Mum when it comes to making the children feel important. In fact, i’m quite good at making everyone feel important, in general. I enjoy making people feel special. Even for a moment. Its slightly OTT…but whatever…i adore every minute of my nature. 🙂

Today was great! She’s 4.

Anyway, on a better note….i’ve finally caught up on my sleep! I’m feeling refreshed, dandy and filled with life, vigor and ‘ooh laa.’ Like I said before, i’m feeling quite popular, so i’m completely enjoying life, every bit of life.

Day job is great. My eyelash line is doing incredibly well right now, after partnering up with The Screen Nation Awards. I mean, the have a competition right now on Twitter, where in which you can WIN a free goodie bag from The Screen Nation awards, that all the stars  and winners recieved, (which included a pair of Chrissie Wunna luxury, Mink fur lashes.) Hundreds of people have been retweeting and retweeting them, in order to win one of these luxury goodie bags and luckily, it all shines down on ME…your resident little kitten. I mean, I’m a proper hardcore brand now. Lol. I’m in there with GUESS and all sorts..and to be honest, it’s really only just the first baby step. I feel incredible and just plain lucky. I think it’s all about finding your niche, doing something you love and working hard. I always use to say, things happened to me by accident. Great things. When really, i just worked hard (i have a great work ethic) and great things happened to me…on purpose. 🙂

I’m happy. Everything is going well!

On the dating front. I’m still single. Keiran was a douche to me the other evening because Ruby was staying at Pete’s house on her birthday and not his. (Pete is Ruby’s biological Father and Keiran is the Father who raised her. Junior’s Father.) When Keiran doesn’t get what he wants, he throws a wobbly and when it concerns the things he cares about most, which is the children…he gets nasty and takes it out on me. I’ quite tolerant, easy going, happy go lucky. But i’m feisty, so once someone pushes all the wrong buttons, i’ve plonked a fire cracker up my arse and i’m off! WE FOUGHT! Text fought. And he pissed me off.

Next morning, via phone to wish Ruby a ‘Happy Birthday’ he was right as rain and we just got on with life.

So on the dating front, I’m single and i’m mingling. I’m always looking for the man of my dreams. I’m happy being ME, yet i adore having a counterpart, a husband, a partner…a best bud, to share life and memories with. I sort of go out and have fun, yet I study boys and see who i have a connection with. I like to build a connection and friendship first, rather than meet a random, who i just decide to date. I guess, i’m very aware of my surroundings, who i like, who i’m building with and who i’m not interested in…so it’s all quite exciting.

When it comes to boys, i’m completely open minded, non judgemental, careful (because it seems that i’m quite popular with the boys, even as an oldie) and well they have to fully get along with me, my spirit and world. I sort of adore a guy who can have fun, yet appreciate family time. I have children. A life. A business. A day Job. A world. They kind of have to enjoy being a part of it. Their morals and priorities need to be in check. Oh…and they have to adore me. 🙂

Once they do…i’m there’s.

But anyway…back to work.

Love you!

Happy Monday,



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