My love affair with Red

I love red wine,  mainly because ‘it’ loves me, sends a tingle up my spine, and an ache between my legs. Luckily i’ve managed to get my dirty asian hands on a yummy bottle of Red, that just so happened to be hiding from me, WAY back in the darkness of a random Wunna cupboard!!! You can run, but you can’t hide!! ( i really did actually have a boy, not mentioning any names, RYAN MARCH,  say that to me, one time.) It flirted with me, gave me the ‘Ooh Laas,’ so i POUNCHED upon it, like every great HUSSY does. I am very aware that it probably belongs to someone else? However, wine always seems to tastes better, when it has been purchased by another. In other words, ‘FREE BOOZE….YAY!’

Unfortunately, i don’t have anyone to share it with. ( aww…i know, play the burmese bongos, to my sad life!) Luckily, that doesn’t seem to bother me, due to a colourful independant streak, and a wagging tongue for booze. So I, and in true Queen of Greatness style, will make ‘whoppee,’ alone, with my handsome Red.

I wish you could join us, but’ haha’ YOU CAN’T!!!

2 thoughts on “My love affair with Red”

  1. er…. are you going to DRINK that bottle of wine or do something else with it? Coooooooooooos it’s kinda hard to tell from your description there! ;-D

    BTW I’ve got a friend called ‘Red’ – I’d love for you to have a love affair with her too! 😀 xxxxxxx


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