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Well haven’t I been the busiest bee in town! So sorry that i haven’t managed to fit in a blog. I’m sorrier than you think, as this bit of writing a day keeps me a float mentally. I genuinely love it and at the same time really do think more people should be enjoy being expressive, without fear.

Today, I had a great da at work and simply because alongside more accidental achieving, i had a flipping LAUGH. My new best chick friend, I’m going to name her ‘Booty,’ and I just can’t stop creasing up at life and how we’re always so undeservingly lucky at it. I mean, we’ve both booked our seats in hell…yet it seems The Gods, just want us in Heaven. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ve danced, made fun of one another, laughed…belly laughed, chatted, moaned, and then after making a bit of money…got offered a pork pie each by a gentleman with a smile and a missing tooth. That says it all! Life is GRAND! Today, (although the weather was shit…felt amazing.) I’m getting so used to these ‘amazing’ days that i don’t know what i’m gonna do when i get a shite one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Away from that, i’m happy because after work, when i did the nursery run, I peeked in through the nursery door and both of my babies, spotted me and with utter glee in their eyes rushed up to me to give me the best ‘I adore Mummy’ hugs in the entire world. It makes all the difference and makes working worthwhile. I can’t wait for Christmas…but before that HELLLLOOOOOOOOO FOLKS, IT’S MY FRICKING BIRTHDAY IN 9 DAYS!!!!

Tomorrow i have a day off!!! I have one day off a week, so tomorrow is all about Christmas shopping and getting as much of it one as possible. I mean, i’m gonna super shop tomorrow and bag it all up with a grin. Ruby’s coming with me because she insists on it…which yes, will slow me down, but whatever, i can trust my female loin fruit to do the do and work with me. I kinda also want to get my hair did at the same time. I have a baggy weave and as we all know, it’s hardly sexy. It’s about as sexy as being spotted in a kitchen today dipping an old baguette into a plastic tub of gravy for a quick snack, by a being who had Uncle Ben’s rice for dinner and a sign on his top that red ‘Happy to help.’. (‘Stop looking at me like i’m inferior.’ )

Okay, before i guzzle more wine and retreat to my sheets for bed rest ( i say ‘retreat’ like it’s some glamourous doll of a cuddle up, but right now one baby is scared of monsters, the other needs mummy, so my bed is full of part Asian babies. We look like refugees, squashed into the back of UHaul because they refuse to sleep on their appointed areas of the bed. Instead they want to squish, however luckily with love. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m lucky to have them…i don’t mind. They’re great! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love being a Mummy.

Sooooooooooooooo, anothe rgood thing about having tomorrow off is that i can do a bit of flaunting of my lash line.

Have you bought lashes yet? Are they on your Christmas list? ย They should be, because they really are amazing.

Please do treat yourself and support me on my quest to lash the nation, the globe with ‘ooh laa.’

My lashes are sitting there waiting for you at (You can click on th elink that i have on the right and it will take you straight to the site.)


I’ll tlak to you later, as i intend to write a couple of blog tomorrow,

I lvoe you, stay expressive, loving and belly laughing,. Don’t be scared to follow your heart and always do what YOU WANT and not what others make you do!

Chrissie x









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