My Last Day of having a Thyroid



Just heard the best bit of ‘wording’ ever, during my nursery drop off, stating how bizarre it was that as an adult we quite enjoy to have company in our sheets, an ‘otherside of the pillow,’ someone to lay with and cuddle, to make us feel whole and ease our path to dream land with love. HOWEVER, when it comes to our young, we sit there frustrated because we just don’t get WHY they also want a human to cuddle them in their bed, instead of sleeping alone. We sort of MAKE THEM go it alone, when we quite enjoy a snuggle. Weird innit! (I got that bit of wisdom from Victoria. I was going to steal it and take all the credit, but I’ll give her the trophy for it.) Don’t worry after the wisdom we lowered the tone and began conversations about how men who can fix things turn us on. (Her husband is making mini sized bunk beds for the children…it gives her the ‘ooh laa.) I just like men who can fix anything, be it a broken heart, a light bulb, my issue with doing the bins…anything. I think we as chicks (and although i’m quite the feminist at times) I’m still a little girl and I adore a Knight in Shining armour, who’s gonna gallop on in and save me romantically from all the horror and the hurt in this world…even if all he does is the bins. πŸ™‚ ) It makes men more attractive to us because it’s their job to love, gather, hunt, save and protect. They always seem to want to be the hero, yet when it comes to fixing things, in my experience, they don’t always have the courage to follow through. I don’t like men that aren’t bold or emotionally messy. I mean how is he meant to save me, if he can’t even save himself!

ANYWAY, today is my LAST DAY of having a THYROID! I should be partying up a storm and kissing my voice goodbye, but i’m not. I’m in my faux fur, taking it easy and well because its sunny, i’m not really that panicked. Today I have a thyroid. Tomorrow…I won’t. BOOYAH BITCHES! I’ve got an overnight bag packed. No, not for The Ritz, just for the hospital. I’m not allowed to wear my face before surgery or eat…AND i’ve got to be in the joint by 7AM. Fun times!

Ruby sauntered in after a great day last night asking for a wine. Lol. I just looked at her with an ‘I don’t think so’ face, so she proceeded to stuff Digestives down her pants before bed. It’s an odd procedure. Then I told her that we had BOOKED HER FIRST EVER BIRTHDAY PARTY and after JUMPING for joy, with SCREECHES and Digestives in her pants, she then turned ‘Sweet Sixteen’ and started going on about presents and why some people couldn’t come. (‘Mum. Blah..blah..blah smacked me…she can’t come.’) Whatever Rubes. Lol. When I asked her who she wanted to come she said, ‘Junior, You, Me and Daddy.’ I forgot that she doesn’t ever get to be a full family now, so it’s special to her. Isn’t that sad. She loves family. I never thought because I just assumed she would get that family is normal. Yet, i forgot that it’s not normal to her…she doesn’t have a full family feeling, meaning that she craves it. HEART BREAKING for a Mummy to realize. But on an up note, WE ALL SO EXCITED FOR HER PARTY. She couldn’t wait to get to nursery today to hand out her invitations. I mean she has WAITED for her birthday, in what seems like kiddie forever years for her. When that day comes, I will have the happiest little girl in the world ever..and luckily now she has a whole bunch of friends, who can come play ‘birthday.’ We’re having it at ‘Xplore’ & simply because I will still be recovering from surgery meaning that any place that does the whole thing for me, where I just have to show up with my ‘birthday girl’ wins!

Then I told her off again for having biscuits in her pants. I mean if you’re going to stuff biscuits down ya pants, they shouldn’t be the crumbly kind simply because it leaves a Hansel and Gretel trail of crumbs, ALL AROUND THE HOUSE. So it’s a messy story in itself and without the fairytale ending. She trusted me in the end and well the Digestives ‘left the building.’

How are you all?

I’ve got a few business plan messages to tend to with America and then I’m done. I DO have to get my nails soaked off at some point today also. I’m glad that i’ve managed to find others to do my plan for me, as I would’ve been in a bit of a pickle otherwise. But it’s all sorted and I guess I’m going ot be looking at a Summer launch as I predicted. I really hope you love my lash line, a I do want you to buy it and I do want the line to develop, so I have some amazing accidentally successful ‘glamour pusses’ business in the name of ‘beauty’ and fashion.

I couldn’t sleep last night because my mind felt filled with worry and Junior kept doing his pukey-cough marathon again. When will his poorliness stop? he’s so cute…even when angry, but GOSH when will he just have a big old night time kip and relax. I’m noticing that Ruby, looks like Pete but has my complete personality, yet Junior looks like me…yet has his Father’s complete personality. It’s crazy watching him grow and get his personality in. He’s just like him and it’s insane.

The lovely part of yesterday was the fact that I got to have a coffee catch up with My gorgeous red haired, Disney Princess EMILY. Yeah, ‘SexToy Story’ Emily. I’ve missed her lots and well we really got on during the time of filming. It was nice to sort of meet up away from that, as we’re both from the same town. She looked beautiful and poshy. It was our version of ‘Sex in the City.’ It was ‘Sex in the City’ but Wakey. πŸ™‚

I had to take Ruby to coffee with me, who soon got bored with us simply because Pete couldn’t pick her up on time. He did venture to the coffee shop though and whisk her away…and when he did, she had a smile on her face, so i’m happy.

Oh gosh, i’ll tell you this, I am so obsessed with Emily’s life right now. She has this amazing title of a job and I say ‘title’ simply because the ‘ins and out’ are less shiny. But that’s how it is when you work for someone else innit. However, only if you’re a chica who is just meant to be the eventual QUEEN of HER OWN CASTLE. (We’re both like that. Quite different girls. But the same in all the right ways. We share STRENGTH and they’re the pople that you need around you. I love her.)

Plus, her love life is somewhat divine. All i’m gonna say is any time you meet a guy who can design you a dream home if he ever so wanted, has proved that he can do long term relationships, who is attentive to your every need, has seen the world and you’re going to do your first date with him IN NEW YORK….you’re one lucky lady! AND aside from that she’s getting taken away for Valentines weekend by a friend, who stares at her like he loves her. She said,

‘Oh Chrissie you should come along.’

‘Oh yeah Em’s. I’d love to play THIRD WHEEL to your romance. πŸ™‚ That’s be something to slit my wrists to on Valentines.’ Lol

I hugged her, I love her. I want WAY MORE Emily meet ups. She’s a proper ‘forever’ friend and you hardly get to find such good people, meaning when you do, you sort of have to hold on to them. Plus, I adore that she just GETS LOVE, LIFE AND DATING.

We talked LOTS on dating…and simply because it’s what we do. I could learn a thing or two from her. Since, men with no teeth like me. πŸ™‚

This years going to be odd for me as everyone seems to be getting married. Β I have to go to about million weddings. I love weddings, but i’m usually going to MY OWN. πŸ™‚ I’ll Β think about that later. Today is the last day i have with my good friend THYROID. Tomorrow, I’m not going to be able to speak for 3 weeks and will have a tube stuck out of my very fashionable neck as a surgeon cuts things out my throat. Sexy.

LORD HELP ME. My lovely Mum took me out to dinner yesterday evening to make me smile before surgery…y’know incase I didn’ t make it. πŸ™‚ I thought this was minor surgery, but apparently it’s major?

I’ve got a bit of work to do and then i’m gonna organize.

I never know what’s going to happen to me in life, I just know it’s going to be wonderful. I have this amazing future mapped out in the stars and I can’t wait to celebrate it. I feel lucky. I am lucky and well I can see it all already. πŸ™‚









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