My Lash Party


First of all, I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to those of you who came to my Chrissie Wunna Lash party last night. I appreciate it a great deal and well any being who actually is brave enough to let me lash them up them after a prosecco, deserves trophies. 🙂

I honestly had fun and I truly am grateful to those who enjoyed getting their kitten eyes and then bought lashes. You all looked amazing and i’m not even joking.

I was kinda stressed through it, as I had a late set up and I wasn’t very organised because of it. Plus, it was my first ever one…and I didn’t really know what I was doing. Then to top it all off hardly anybody showed up. There’s was literally family (The Reall’s and Hardmans 🙂 )  and a really tiny handful of friends. It was disappointing at first…until I actually got into it. 🙂 (i’m a worry wart, so i always want things to be magnificent.)

However, the good thing about the ladies (and gents) who came, was the simple fact that, that little handful of lovelies, were the perfect little handful and if anything they helped me through the process of figuring out what should actually be going down at my Lash event. 🙂

We had Prosecco, wine and Ego nibbles, with Lash boxes that my lovely ‘hubbster’ (that’s what i’m gonna call him now) Ben, Dodge and Kerry set up, upon tables. There was some kind of stacking war going on, because my technique was to creatively tip my lash boxes into a heap, in their boy categories. Apparently it looked shit…Lol…so Ben took over and did this amazing, semi circle, lash box, beast of a construction, and Dodge…got all ‘Manager at Morrisons’ OCD on me….and perfectly stacked his lash display, utterly symmetrically, like it was a challenge of The Cube.

Then Kerry came and sorted my shitty displays out. 🙂

I love how helpful the boys were. Dodge was great with it all…and can even function pissed. And Ben is probably one of the most supportive Wunna land troopers..and just out of love, will help me achieve anything that I truly wish, when it comes to things like this. I’m lucky. I adore them both.

Okay, anyway, I’m pouring drinks and then the ladies began asking about my lashes and wanting to try some on. So, I was taking them to the mirror, after they chose their ‘boy styles’ and I began applying their lash choices for them…and it was AMAZING. Literally, I even shocked myself! Hahah! I mean, God, i always believe in my product and it’s done pretty well so far, but i’ve never ever EVER applied them on others and watched them look in a mirror, right in front of me!

I literally glued one of my mink lashes onto their eyes…and let them look in the mirror, in order to see the contrast…and it was unbelievable. They got really into it, as i guess people forget how glammy an extra bit of lash can make you look. I was giddy when i saw them because I had women and girls of different ages and walks of life, suddenly have Wunna ‘kitten’ eyes, right infront of me. They certainly brought sexy back and in that moment, when they did the mirror look, it really made me happy, simply because there was that *burst* of ‘OMG, I LOVE THEM!’ I was super impressed that everyone there embraced it and had a go at being glammy. I mean, i’d honestly tell each person if i liked their lash look or not…and when we got it right…we KNEW and within a glance. Infact everyone got involved with each others lashes and started making their own choices based upon what they saw on the other ladies.

I never sell anything in person without letting people try them out first. One because it’s more personal…and two because it creates moments of ‘oooh.’

More drinks, a few nibbles and my handful of guests settled onto their table of friends…and then I felt busy? I was tottering around handing out glue, lashing people up, sorting out purchases and not having time for a drink. HAHAH. And i’ve never ever been in a position before when i’m in a bar and not getting sloshed.

It was easy going. Nothing hardcore. And it was lovely that Ben’s family was there…and some friends etc…because without the people who showed up last night, i don’t know what i would’ve done! Lol.

Everything chilled out and i could enjoy it all a bit more, as I went to each table, poured more drinks and got their lash purchases ready.

But the best thing about it, is the simple fact that I learnt what I needed to do, what I shouldn’t do in the future and how to make it work. I went from being initially disappointed to being super excited…because I get it now. Small, low key, groups of ladies, is what I need. Small spaces where ladies can drink wine, have a laugh and lash up! Even if they bring their gents…the guys seemed to have a good time anyway drinking and ‘oohing’ at their chicks eyes. Lol. I need less extravagance….more small parties, rather than giant attempts. Word of mouth and more people to help apply lashes, as I felt bad because people were waiting for me to get to them. Plus, I need to let people throw their own parties, with their own friends that I show up to…

Basically, I learnt a lot. So i’m ready now. It was kinda like a practice run, but with the best support ever. And i’m never one to be defeated because I’m a chick who started a blog that NO ONE used to read. Literally 8 people a month read this ‘doo daa.’ But now…after never giving up, knowing that it was going to work and simply just doing it continually…’s read where?


…On every single continent of the world and in 174 different countries….DAILY!

So, I get it. I’m started lash parties and i’m letting people throw their own. It’s fun, it’s girly and it’s a night out.

From a fun point of view, it’s always stressy when you’re trying to host something for the first time. However,  from a business point of view…for the number of people who attended….i actually sold steadily and did really well. How do i compare it? Erm..? Like I actually made what some people, who work a normal day job, would get in a week…in 3 hours. In a night, lets say. So business wise…it wasn’t so shabby. (Thank God.) But i’m grateful. Deeply Grateful to everyone.

So yeah now,  if i throw a couple more and if others throw their own, which they would get commission on…i’m sorted! I made quite a decent bundle last night….and well that means other people can to!

I’m excited!

At the end of the night when we were packing everything away…i finally got to sit down and chat to the boys, Ben’s parents, Dodge’s family…the people i work with and their  friends, new faces…Old family members…and all sorts. I had wine, I sipped prosecco…I had a girl table moment where we giggled about ‘naughty drawers and men.’ Then the boys joined us (they were PISSED (LOL) and they bantered along with us.

We actually stayed for a while, when everyone had gone just to chill out a bit…Ben is some kind of hero for me, because he’s just so supportive and lovely…but he’s dynamic with it. Not ‘wet.’ Like he’ll stand my ground no matter what and that’s sexy, it’s Honorable. He’s literally the most amazing man I’ll ever know and i love him with every inch of my heart. I’d do my entire lifetime with him. He’s literally my best friend and well…i couldn’t imagine him not being in my world, my life or my heart.

(Anyway…sorry about that! Lol)

Dodge was ace because he got treated to brandy’s. Hahaha. He always finds brandy…but anyway, at 10.30pm…Ego bring him out, a titled, heated brandy…all warm and served to him like he was Royalty. HE LOVED IT and was certain that they thought he was ‘regal.’

I had a good night. It was worth it for all that i learnt from it. Good friends…drinks and lashes…and well…sales. 🙂

We went to the ‘Broken Bridge’ after that for one last nightcap…and as I smooched Benny at tables and as Dodge got called ‘Elvis Costello’ outside doors…life was pretty good.

I’m happy. I’m excited. I’m lucky…and i’m ready. x


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