My head is a banging!!

I’ve got a massive headache after noshing my way through, 2 bags of ‘pick n mix..’ Now i hate myself, and have to either have a beer to numb the pain, or have a beer to numb the pain? It’s almost nearly that ‘time of the month,’ so i feel like a fat bitch, and i am currently determined to start eating healthy, get on a diet, be more patience and drink way more water. It’s supposed to be the answer to flipping everything!!

I really did have something important to say, yet my aching head has made me forget?? Infact, i don’t know why i’m writing this right now, as i really don’t have anything to say?? I’m just having a magnificently dumb blank moment, yet even during these tough times, i’ll never be as dumb blank, as this one naff boyfriend i dated, i’ll call him ‘Ugly.’ He asked me, ( after i told him where i was born) whether, ‘Prince Charming was from Yorkshire?’ He meant ‘Prince William,’ and it wasn’t (as i thought) a simple slip of the tongue mistake. He really thought, Prince William (the future King of England), was Prince Charming, from Cinder-flipping-rella!!! And Prince Charming, from Cinderella, was from Doncaster??? I nodded and smiled…then remembered to erase him from my black book of ‘good times’. I can’t date someone who doesn’t know their fairytales!!!

Anyway, i really do have to go, and nurse myself back to good health. Last night, whilst i was talking to my ‘Latin Lover,’ he got a sudden phone call relaying the fact that his father was sick. I guess, he expected me to ‘care’ more than i did. Yet ages ago,when i told him my mother was ill, he prolonged his stay in Vegas for two more days. Oooooooooooooooh!! kisses!

2 thoughts on “My head is a banging!!”

  1. That “Prince Charming from Yorkshire” line was cheesier than a ton of cheese
    flavour Quavers, with a ton of cheddar on top! No wonder ya ditched him.

    I don’t believe in using cheesy lines for compliments … they never work!


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