My ‘Fr’ for Friday


OMG! So sorry i haven’t managed to blog over the last few days. But i’m having a glorious time. Just one of those times where you feel free, happy and surrounded by all the people you love and all at the same time. Where you are just doing life and nothing else matters.

Friday was great, as i travelled to London and filmed for a jolly few hours, which ended up being ALL day in the end. (I got up at 6am, which is never great when preggo, then managed to fall on my arse outside my own patio door, due to mistaking black ice for ‘wet,’ before i got into my taxi. When you begin your day by falling on your arse, you’re normally in big trouble. However, the day actually ended up being brilliant.) I trained it to London…caught up with ‘da ladies,’ got caught in the rain and caught myself being bitchy. (Who me? 🙂 ) If i love anything, i love filming and i have no real reason why i do, other than being a mighty attention whore…and just being good at it. Great day! A day filled with ‘ooohs’…..’aaahs’……and ‘wowsers.’ Ended up with a pretend Mulberry purse as a gift. I prefer to say ‘pretend’ at opposed to fake. (I have ‘pretend’ boobies. 😉 ) Anytime that happens, you know the day has panned out fabulously. Then after sitting by a Christmas tree simply to look festive, having a giggle with the girls and ear wigging in on other people’s converstaions….it was home time. (Which for most is a half hour journey…but for me about 3 hours.) Before that, i  managed to walk out of a room for a bit of ‘one on one’ and then walk back in to find everyone left in it pissed on champagne and looking at willies. I saw a lot of willies in print on that day. LOTS! Calendars with boys willies are odd. However, it was good for them to be judged by us women for a change, rather than men judging us on the way we are presented. 🙂

The journey home was loooong. I missed by train home…at rush hour and waddling as fast as you can to catch a train, through Kings Cross station is rough. I got elbowed, tripped up by luggage and walked in to and when that happens, you simply have to give in and strut with a laugh. Ended up having to buy a whole new ticket and travel home to a completely different northern town, only to get picked up by my Mother and lovely Baby Ruby, who insists on calling me ‘sexy lady’…instead of mum. I’m like some random mistress to her or something?)

Arrived home really late, but oh my GOD, it felt wonderful to be back on northern soil after the rush-rush in the London town. As soon as i saw Ribes, i immediately beamed with an ‘i’m home.’ Managed to purchase a posh indian takeaway, then get in to see my gorgeous hubby Keiran, who actually hates it when i’m away until late, as he enjoys his creature comforts…like wife being home and making his tea. 🙂 At first he was stroppy, but then we were fine.

I will tell you the next day was spent with him working and me shopping. (I bought boxes of baby sized champagne and Christmas pressies galore.)

The night of the next day, we slept like excited kiddies….when we was holiday time…we never felt more in love and never felt BETTER!!!

ps, I did however learn to NOT WRITE Christmas cards on a bumpy train ride. It gives you 5 year old writing and simply frustrates the shit out of you.

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