My Favourite Storage Company EVER!


So, i’ve noticed that during these times a great deal more people have thrown caution to the wind and set up shop themselves, after being unable to find employment, unable to make decent money, some have simply not being able to juggle Motherhood with a full time job and other’s have just decided to follow their passion.

I’m loving it as to me i find it very old school and i love all things from the olden days…with a modern twist. Everyone had a trade back in the day that was passed on through families and generations…and I’ve sort of fairytaled that notion and made it feel magical in my own head.

I’m very glitz and glamour, yet there’s a sincere traditionalist streak that runs through my blood and i actually have no clue as to why..but i love it.

As some of you know…i’ve recently moved and moving is always a stressful time, when you’re doing it on your own. I had to pack, store and move EVERYTHING, with two babies, a full time job, non working arms and on a deadline. It wasn’t fun AT ALL and so i started to look online for companies that would help others who are maybe going through the same kind of stress.

This is my pick from the few that i looked over…


Literally, if you are moving or simply have a ‘too small’ space that doesn’t cater for all your very precious goods AND  need some rather well tailored gentlemen (yes they come in the outfits) to venture to your home and STORE your belongings for you..then this is the company to go for. Amazing concept. So well marketed and in fact, i’ve heard that the service is absolutely impeccable. I LOVE A FIVE STAR SERVICE!

You book a date that suits online, which is fantastically convenient for those with a busy life! They’ll then send you the crates free of charge. You pack them…(and the driver will actually wait 20 minutes whilst you pack if you’re not done and FOR FREE) and then the well tailored gentlemen will come and store your goods for you…and with a smile on their faces. AMAZING. I wish i knew of this service before I moved!!! It solves every moving problem you have and it does it with a twist of fun, class, yet GETS THE JOB DONE! It eases up the stress, it makes you feel wonderful and in the name of Chrissie’s bouji and it’s fun! 🙂

So please do go online and check out their service, as it really is tremendous and sort of suits everyone. Are you a busy gent with not enough time to do the storage runs and organizing. Are you a single mum…you needs that extra pair of arms for a move….? is the my number 1 PICK for all your storage needs!





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