My Book, My Bubble, My Blog..and a gin

Nothing is worse then being back at work after a 10 day spritz of freedom. Now, i’ve always been a lady of Leisure, a Glamour Puss, a vixen with a wiggle in her walk. Yet after finding out that i was about to give birth to the now delightfuly adorable ( however currently a bit DIVA) baby Ruby..(it’s hilarious watching the fruit of your own loins look at you and throw a strop. My vagina produces the best of the best…quite obviously. I’m surprised she didn’t come out swimming in vodka with the odd phone number from an old flame that i never want to talk to again, after being used for pure financial gain ;)) #notbittermuch Anyway, i made a choice to join a more ‘normal’ world of ‘day job.’ (I figured it was the responsible thing to do.) However now that she’s 10 months old and i’m armed with the man of my entire DREAMS, who gets on with my daughter like the kinda Daddy, some of you may have wished you ever had, this year i’m…oh yeah baby) getting back into ENTERTAINMENT.

I was never one for a 9-5-er. I always wanted a ‘special’ job. An exciting one. One where i got to pretty much do what i wanted, whenever i a weave and a spray tan and bits of glitter. I did it! I did well…infact better than some of you may think amd i turned my world upside down…with a delicious gin spritz of ‘ooh laa,’ and ‘look at me.’  Yet for the last year and a bit i surrendered to ‘normaility’ in order to keep things sane for my bambino. Infact ‘Handsome Keiran’ has only ever known me…since i’ve been indulged in a rather normal pool of ‘everyday behaviour.’ He has never had to live the ‘Wunna Circus.’ I have love. I have a family. This year…i’m going to make da moola. The good kind where i can look around myself and *nod* at how great i am. ;)If the world ends in Dec 2012, then i’m fucked because i would’ve wasted it on lipgloss and trying to hard. however if not…i’ll have love, a family and millions. Yippeee?

Okay, as you may know…the book. I have the book coming out. A book that has seemingly taken AGES to get to you, due to baby making, baby producing, life, day jobs and general jiggery pokery. All i’ve ever wanted really is to be a writer and famous for ‘doing life’..being wonderful, inspiring other kitty cats to celebrate who they are and making my mark on this world. there was a rbief spot wher i wanted ot be an actor…then a pop star..then a model. I went with model…did well, then noticed that the entire time and when ALL was going tragically wrong, in the most glitziest of fashions…i had accidentally blogged my entire life out. It was something that i adored doing, used as therapy and did without even noticing…but not with tens of thousands of people following my life? So i’m stepping back in and this time going to do it write. We know the past. We all know it well. Most of you have scorned me for it. 🙂 (Bastards 🙂 ) Yet i really think, i can slip on a pair of heels…and do this. When i say ‘do this,’ i mean shimmie back into the limelight and get my book on your sheleves…with ‘the handsome’ and my baby…in tow…a hope for more bambinos on the way and with really GREAT hair.

2012 is about getting it right for me. The balance of who i truely am. I have the fire in my touchie and well once i’m all a flutter the excitment gets the better of me and i’m ready to take the rock and roll with it.

Keirans been lovely by the way. He’s really fallen in love and is taking his role as ‘soon to be hubby’ and ‘daddy’ seriously. I looked at him on the sofa last night, by our ‘not taken down yet’ Christmas tree and told him he was growing uo right before my very eyes. We’re in a really good place of fairytale right now and loving it. I’m proud of him. I love him.

We both got really sad about me having to go back to work…*normal* work…after a KFC and lunch at Newmiller dam.  I think we’re just a couple and a family, who just sort of accidentally NEED each other. Our ideal would be to spend ever waking minute of the day with each other. Work together. Play together. Life together. That’s how we began our little shi-boogie. I’m going to get him and Ruby everything WE DESIRE. Why…because Dollies…I CAN! All it will take is a *wink.*

Anyway he was really lovely last night…all heart felt and internally gorgeous. There was a brief moment, where i pulled a strop and i got angry because i thought he didn’t want babies and that he was winding me up about my house being messy. I stormed downstairs with my weave, all topless and bimbo *grunty* and pulled a satin quilt over my sorry arse. :)I’m like a 5 year old. Clock work Dolly, when i’m mad..but one that says ‘fuck.’

Okay, this is the part i’m proud of…BOTH of us are extremely feisty. We’re both fire sign, both 100%the same, both passionate and both determined to voice our opinion..on ANYTHING!! The good thing about being the same is that we’re both loving, giving and fun. It works all ways. We are each others ‘perfect.’

Last night and because he loved me, instead of fighting with me…he calmed the storm. He just looked at me and said, ‘Babe i’ve hung my gloves up…do you want a cuddle,’ and after coming to get me off the sofa and take me back to bed…topless and with my weave. I agreed…seemingly reluctantly..yet i looked like a childish twat by this point so i went with it. Lol.Well done Wunna. Poor Keiran drove me to the train station this morning..( i have don’t drive coz i’m shit at it) and then went on a giant run with his guy friend in what seemed like a hurricane. I had a smoked salmon sandwich on a clucky train, next to weirdos who don’t like to *smile* at 8.12am. I got to work at 8.50am and no-one was there. I was about to do a ‘runner,’ but then my better judgement..UGH, i hate my better judgement…forced me to stay. (My leopard print hand muffs, made the stay a bit better.)

I am LOVING my life right now with Rubes and Keiran. My other branch to the family..’The Wunna’s’ ADORE HIM. (We all went to TGI’s for a family lunch the other day. It was a good ‘get to know you all’ with cocktails and chicken wings. I have a wonderful family-like foundation. A loving mum, a doting brother, a comedic father…and they can’t wait to have Keiran as their own. Well they regard him as a son already. The good thing about my family is that you don’t need to put the ‘fakers’ up…you can say anything about literally any subject in thsi entire world..sort of in the name of ‘tell it how it is’…and you will never be judged..always loved and bought dinner. ;))

I’m keeping my fairytale alive, but just adding glitter and a *hip bump.* It’s more nerve wrecking now because i’m responsible for little Rubes and my ‘handsome.’ They’ve never really had to experience the ‘drama’ of it all and well I’m going to be dragging them with me…so i’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will be okay. I’ve told Keiran that it’s all about the *bubble* and well if i can get a deliciously entertainy, family business a float…then kittens i will… LETS GET THIS FRICKING BOOK OUT!


ps/ Just got a picture Tweet from @KateAHarrison reading ‘Strange boy in my house…does he belong to you?’ He did…life is good. 😉 Pass me my faux fur bitches… am i like the only fucking person at work???? LMAO




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