Must be funny, In a rich man’s world..

Okay, so… today my mind has been thoroughly occupied with the art of money making and how people have done it. I’m a lover of good old inspirational folk who have done something with their 100 years on this disco earth ball and turned a talent that they love, or even a passing idea, into a million dollar tricker-doo-dee. I mean, i was all calm and cups of tea, before i watched the morning repeat of ‘The Real Housewives of OC.’ I am now obsessed with the new cast additions Mr and Mrs Dubrow and after seeing inside their home and looking at all that Dr. Dubrow has achieved and managed to financially accomplish in his life, i’ve been in awe of them ever since. I love a bit of classy, glamourous, richie rich and i can watch it ALL day on my telly box. I’m actually not one for watching  poor people’s everyday drama and heartache on say something like Eastenders. (Well unless you want to cast me in it, 🙂 Then ofcourse i love it! I’m fickle with my affection when work is involved.)  I’m just not built, in a way to enjoy stressy, working class drama on my telly. Show me over the top lavish GLAMOUR, riches and champagne flutes with that bit of drama and i’m wooed with Dolly eyes and ‘ooh laa.’ I love it and have been addicted to it, since being a child. (You all know my fond affection for Joan Collins. When i was 7…i wanted to BE HER.) That’s why i also like ‘Dallas’ right now, it’s sexy, rich cowboy drama. For any girl that’s a great combination. However, still…you can replace the word cowboy for anything, be it ‘housewife,’ Chelsea children’…anything…and kittens..i will adore it. (It’s a shame a can’t drink right now, because i really do feel a toast is due. I’ve also just found out that i have to wear WHITE jeans for the job that i booked on Tuesday. Wonderful! I’m sure i’ll look lovely and slim. FFs. 🙂  I’ve already got my child bearing hips in. Lord knows where they’ve come from, other than my over eating…I look like Beyonce, but Asian…which doesn’t really work as well. I think Keiran quite likes a bit of bum bum, boobies, as like i’ve said he’s been very horny caveman ‘gonna get you’ over the past couple days. Every moment he’s had to squeeze my boob, he has. Now, i don’t know if it’s the fuller figure he’s enjoying, or the fact that i’m having his baby that is turning him on? But either way, i’m having to fight him off with literally girl yelps, because his willy is scaring me. He actually said this, before we had sex yesterday, ‘Stop screaming because you’re putting me off…’  🙂 )

Okay, so back to inspirational people. I decided to Google people who managed to make millions from a zany idea that accidentally worked and here’s what i found:

.Santa Mail:

Each year millions of children around the world send letters to Santa telling him what they would like for Christmas, hoping for some kind of magical response. So a guy called ‘Byron Reese’  saw potential in this little concept and in 2002 turned it into a giant money making victory by launching ‘Santa Mail,’ which is a service that allows kids to send letters to the north pole. Parents enclose a fee of $9.95 and their little baby bundle in return, receives a personal letter from Santa himself. By 2009, Santa had responded to around 300,000 children. $10 a letter…you do the maths. Cute!

The next idea, i have no clue as to hope it did so well, but it did and that is,

Lucky Break Wishbones:  (This is what the article read) 

‘Are you still a little bitter that, at last year’s Thanksgiving dinner, you lost out to your cousin Ned in the annual fight over the lone turkey wishbone? Well, thanks to Ken Ahroni, those days are long over. In 1999, he had something of an epiphany at his family’s Thanksgiving dinner table: a family with multiple people would like multiple wishbones. He shuttered his previous consulting business and launched Lucky Break Wishbone Corp. in 2004, in order to sell his one-of-a-kind breakable plastic wishbones. Within two years, the company was generating nearly $1 million in sales through distributors in more than 40 states nationwide.’ 

How?  i have no clue? But well done to him! Made millions! He must’ve had amazing insight or just the exact know-how of making a gimmick of that sort work. And it sure as hell did!

So, it’s crazy how people have managed to make their millions, be it via the traditional art of good hard work, be they a doctor, lawyer, footballer, model or business man. Or the easy, cheap way…which is to marry rich. It makes me sick when men do that more than it does when i see woman do it and simply because i believe men are meant to work hard and provide for their wives and children. It’s meant to be installed in them, like the art of romance. However, these days men have gotten far too lazy.

If you work hard, one day you WILL get there. Stay positive, stay true and do not waste your time. Use it effectively and as long as you’re always bringing money in and not spending it faster then you’re making it, you will always be a richie.









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