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So, I caught him today staring deep into one of our framed wedding photos, that I have placed on the kitchen window sill and in deep thought, as I tottered downstairs from a very long grooming session upstairs. (On days when pregnancy gets the better of me, it takes me a jolly little while to pull myself together. Today was one of those days. But I went with it anyway, and aced it. However, I will tell you that the merry art of ‘baby brain’ is KILLING ME. Not being able to think is hideous and the worst handicap any little glamour puss could ever have. Not being able to fit into skinny jeans, I can deal with. They’re over rated anyway and i reckon i’m still kinda sexy, even with a bit of curvage. šŸ˜‰ Yet not being able to THINK is numbing. I feel disabled. However, rant over. I’m happy. How can I not be!)

Okay, so when I caught him he said he was just looking at the photos, remembering the day and how much love he felt on the day. #Aww Then, his insecurities got the better of him, as he thought through other parts of his past and for began to worry that I might now adore him as much as he wanted. He’s not a man who wants his marriage to end in divorce. Yet sometimes needs convincing that I don’t. He knows I love him and well i couldn’t express it any more. But it’s funny how little moments alone with your mind can get the better of you innit. When it does, look at the girl or guy of your dreams and get back to being in love. It’s the biggest healer in all the world and could end ‘sexy’ for you, if you play ya cards right! šŸ˜‰

After all that we he went to the gym, managed a quick shower and a groom, as I edited parts of my book and scrapped my ‘to do’ list for his. He looked so handsome today, in his preppy-smart attire. It’s the type of outfit, I find him most attractive in. I adore men in smart skirts and slick trousers, preppy v-neck jumpers or a suit. It radiates power and sexiness to me…and so any time I see him dressed like that, I automatically swoon. (It could just be my hormones, or my age. However, either way i’m not complaining.)

We evetually get out the door, so he can go purchase the beginning of his empire. Like I was telling you yesterday. The hubby, fancies himself as a bit of anĀ entrepreneur. He loves the buying and accumulating of property and quite enjoys the idea of running a business or two. After leaving the army, he sort of lost his way, having to adjust to a civilian way of living. However, now and after a lot of love, bickering and finding the right life partner…he’s finally found his footing again. When men find their footing in life, they feel like champions. When they feel like champions…they really are much nicer to you girls and well we also find them much more attractive. Every girl wants a husband or partner they can be proud of…and well to watch him grow and develop into the person he’s always wanted to be, is magical. You kind of look at that soul, like a light of guardian angel and nod with a smile of approval, like your work here has been great and worth it. It’s satisfying.

I’ve always stated how I truly need to feel impressed by a man in order to respect and adore him long-term and yes, I have been impressed before, yet it took me a jolly 10 years and a whole lot of unimpressive guys (and i’m quite picky, even though I come across as being far more laid back with my choices) to find a guy who I am wowed by. Keiran is impressive, even if he has to hit rock bottom and clash against my feisty side to get there…he’s impressive and wants to impress. I like it.

Long story short…he bought a new property today, one that he intends to rent out to others for profit. It’s the beginning of his empire and it’s a great thing to watch. We looked around the property for the second time today and with a smile thought ‘yeah.’ I felt really proud of him because he was proving that he COULD make his dreams come true and he was on his way to doing it. He was showing me that he was a big old champion and that he was no longer to waste his time on this lovely earth ball and instead make his mark. I find that delicious in people and it’s almost heartwarming to see him so happy and doing well. It was like watching a little boy grow up. He proved today that he can adapt to change and conquer the anything…and that my pretties is all down to him now being a positive spirit. If you’re in a rut…get out of it. Anything in this world can be YOURS. Do things right and do them well.

I took a picture of the moment simply because he looked so happy and I wanted to remember him always in this happy state of warms my kitten heart and brings a tear to my little tragic eyes. Watching people begin to make their dreams come true makes me happy. It’s inspiring, healthy and makes your life glitter sprinkled.

Aww…he’s all grown up!

Okay, so after the purchasing of the property, he then wanted to drive down to Leeds to go see a coffee shop that he was considering buying. Holy bizarro! That’s all I can say. It was the weirdest business meeting, I have ever witnessed. Nice guy. Good concept. Yet the oddest man of business ever!!

So, we walk into a coffee, smoothie store…it looks lovely from the outside, great location, yet the longer we stayed in the meeting the more and more we were put off. Lol. It was hilarious. I mean, anytime you are told, ‘You’re sat in the therapy chair’ you know you’re in trouble. šŸ™‚

We had a look around and to be honest it was a bit grubby for my liking and i’m not even as half as tidy as Keiran and he’s the one wanting to run a store. Things weren’t working, we’re a bit shambled and he had thingsĀ advertisedĀ in the window and on the boards that he wasn’t even serving. Lol. You just had to be there.

I was there in my beige faux fur and preggo belly, Keiran in his suit and the guy was telling us he didn’t fix things in the store because he ‘couldn’t be bothered.’ Keiran even asked to see the accounts and he producedĀ scrumpedĀ up post-it notes and squashed up receipts, in a falling to pieces folder..whilst again saying that he couldn’t be bothered to sort it all out. It was like we were being Punk’d.

Then the states that he knows me from somewhere and when I mentioned the ‘Paris Hiltons BBF’ show, he looked as though he hadn’t ever heard of it, which therefore means, he’s seen me with my boobies out in a magazine or online, which is never good to bring up when i’m with my husband and it’s my husband that might want to buy your business.

Funniest business meeting ever. Not to dog him at all, as he seemed like a laid back decent guy. Yet, we did feel odd? I mean, you give ‘therapy’ with a banana smoothie and have a chair for it and everything. It’s odd, even for me and i’m a kitten who finds bizarre, hilarious. Oh and maybe ‘fisting’ and ‘escorts’ should never be brought up during your pitch to sell us a business. šŸ™‚ Now, i love a bit of PR and marketing and I think everyone knows the basic rules of how one should present something correctly, when they want to make money. I’ve just never been in a business meeting like it ever and believe me, i’ve been in some waaay dodgy meetings.

I think Keiran wants something a bit more ‘glamour pussy,’ it’s how he likes everything, his homes, his business, his women. Trendy, clean, cosy and perfectly glam. Something that puts his stamp on things and the way he enjoys his life. Something that represents what our family stands for and like Me, he’s comforted by luxury also, therefor eI think that’s what he needs. So, although the store that he saw today didn’t really float his boat, with a bit of work, it would be great….for someone else. šŸ™‚

Keiran’s too impatient for a ‘bit of work,’ and well I just prefer places that are already in working condition and ready to ‘go-go’go.’ I was really only there to listen in…and if anything it was a hilarious way to end the evening.

Today went well for him on the whole, so now i need to focus back on ME. The goodthing about us, is that neither of us want to settle on the great results that the other person has achieved. We BOTH want to make our marks, separately AND as family unit, making us an ubeatable team. I want my own success and to conquer my own dreams, at the same time as sharing my dreams with my family. He is exactly the same and it works.

Tomorrow, i believe i need a big old grooming day, so we’re getting spray tans, i’m editing my book, getting my nails soaked off and purchasing a couple of books I need for research. We’re in Manchester on we’ve got to look presentable.

I’m excited about life and taking this novelist marlarky seriously. I reckon i’d be really good at it and i’m ready to be a powerhouse…gimme, gimme, gimme.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed and we’re heading for the glossy heights…thank you for joining us on our ride! We love you.


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