Happy Monday!

So, today is meant to be ‘Blue Monday.’ It’s the awful Monday in January where the nation, or the even every juicy human in the entire world, feels the brunt of Christmas spending and is waiting for a paycheck. The Monday where you feel fat, skint and you have broken ever single New Years Resolution! Lol.

If you have a case of the blues, simply grab a cocktail, meditate with Buddhist monks, or (as I heard on Capital Radio this morning,) take a comfort blanket into work with you. No one will dare judge, as they toooooooooo will be feeling the *pangs* of ‘when is payday coming.’

Don’t fret. Don’t let worries get to you and instead try and mix that ‘blue’ paint with a bit of life, glitter, laughter or red. Red obviously makes it purple and that may not even nearly be your favourite colour, (it certainly isn’t mine) but I have never heard of a ‘case of the purple,’ unless you’re a Ribena berry, or you’ve ‘dolly’ fallen down the stairs… in roller boots and ended up with comedy bruises.

My Vlogs are doing well! I’m filming a few more today, whilst I have a free minute. Getting them started is always a ball ache for me, as i’m easily distracted by fun. But It feels good to finally be making a bit of dosh from them, after foolishly deciding not to capitalize on my previous ‘lots of views’ videos. But, that’s a prime example of taking a bad situation, chucking it into a glitter bag, giving it a shake, a wink and a wiggle and coming out with a solution to make life work for you.  It’s like pulling bunnies out of hats, to applause. You can do this with anything in life, so whenever you’re feeling down, instead of pulling faces and performing a ‘pity party’ for one. (I’ve done. i do it. We all give a ‘pity party’ a go.) Try and put the pieces of the jigsaw back together, but this time, do it right!

I’ve seen lots of joggers today! Lots! And i’m always impressed by runners and joggers because in the Summer, the boys are in shorts, and in the Winter…the boys are in shorts. 🙂 More importantly, you just have to wave the flag for anyone who can actually strip down into their Superhero running gear, in the cold and manage to keep fit and healthy, no matter what age, gender or life path. It’s utterly impressive. Utterly amazing. And I only wish I could find the strength in me to do it. I’d run an inch and die because I needed a wine. I’m the absolute *peak* of this (see on Facebook) statement…

‘I thought they said RUM!!! Not go for a RUN!’

(Victoria, who is a hot mama that i’m newly acquainted with…our babies go to the same school and we bump into each other at our local supermarket always…Well she’s a champion runner…and you can tell…as there are hot bods on women and there are hot bods…and she’s rocking hers like a glamour puss.)

Ben’s currently talking to me about ‘faster broadband’ or something, whilst i’m typing? This is what he does. He waits until I’m writing my blog. Will say nothing to me before hand because he’s still waking up…but then wait until my pink techy notebook is out…then start chatting to be about things like ‘broadband.’ A ‘broad band’ is a wider, elasticated clasp belt to me??? Topshop do really good ones, btw.  What is he even on about? But yes, whatever it is…lol…he wants it to be FASTER. *Boys.*

I’m currently tending to my morning coffee routine. I need to start eating breakfast, but i’m rubbish at eating in the morning because i’m usually in a rush. I mean, i forgot Ruby’s school coat this morning, so i had to dash out, like Speed Gonzales….in heels, to deliver her extra warmth before the cold air even nearly hit her. All Mum’s do this and you don’t have to feel bad about the mummy ‘hiccups.’ A good Mum, is the Mum that shows and delivers their babies unconditional love…always. The Mums that follow parenting via ‘textbook’ are setting themselves a standard that isn’t realistic or necessarily ‘perfect,’ as a textbook is simply ‘black or white’ and without emotion or feeling. (I got this off Lisa’s Facebook. I adore Lisa, as to me, she is perfect! A lady, who knows what’s important in life!)

I’m still getting ‘hate mail’ and now Ben’s trying to defend my honour, which is pointless really, as they’re only doing it to wind me up. Lol. Today I have a ‘saggy, thirty five year old bum.’ That’s pretty ageist as it offends all women who are in the ‘thirty five year old and above’ bracket….However, don’t worry, as if anything, I believe that women in that ‘box’ today are looking hotter than EVER! But yeah my bums great. I’ve had a chat with it this morning and it’s feeling less ‘saggy’ and more like it needs a champers.

Bottom line,  I’m simply sat back watching and giggling…as the views on my Vlog zoom upward! (We’re now on nearly 7000, per video. Lol. I have ‘Cheap Flights’ and Amazon advertising on them. Which are really good choices, as you really don’t get to pick your ads! *Cha Ching.*)

Anyway, I hope i’ve made your Monday less ‘blue.’ I better try to get ready and start filming a bit of Vloggage, whilst I can.






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