Morning my loves

Got a little frustrated last night, and took it out on my baby, aka ‘Latin Lover.’ I felt so terrible, for being so mean (which is rare) so i retreated to my bedroom sheets, to have a jolly good old, drama queen weep. Then i realised, that booze is the answer to most of lifes problems, people claim you can’t find answers in a bottle, however i disagree….it’s actually quite AMAZING what you CAN find out after a bit of vodka!! So i had a vodka bittter lemon, 2 glasses of red, and just like magic …i made up with my darling ‘lover.’ Booze for clues!! He’s actually given up drinking, as a merry tipple for him, is 17 pints of beer, 2 bottles of wine, maybe a couple cocktails, a moment of ‘pass-out’ and then the fermented juices of any moving body. I don’t  seem to have such a problem. I have great willpower, and that famous stubborn Wunna streak. I did have to give up smoking though, as i had no control of my ‘Malboro light addiction.’ I also had to give up bonking random boys…it got boring, and i longed for stability. But that was easy, i just plonked on some heels, found a hubby with a good penis, and lived happily ever after. Hurrah!! Geezer! Geezer!

Anyway, i have a lazy day today, then a late night shopping trip,( i have to find an outfit for a wedding) and then dinner with the family. The ‘jeremy Kyle’ show is on and note…I HATE his show and i somewhat dislike HIM. He’s a moron, and not remotely genuine. If you’re gonna try and be a crap version of ‘Dr.Phil,’ then at  least TRY and BE a CRAP version of erm..Dr.Phil!!

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