Morning Feb!


I’m still waking up, so bare with me. However, I’m of course not to tired to shout a giant ‘WELL HELLOOOO DEAR FEBRUARY!!’ I mean, hasn’t time flown. There we were, pondering the beginning of January, checking off our diet list, promising to be better people and setting goals for the brand new month in 2013 and now it’s February…like we’ve missed it. 🙂

I’m assuming all has got back to normal and i’m assuming that you’re all perky. I’m on my first coffee of the morning, with one eyelash hanging off, due to a ferocious start of nursery runs and nappy changes. Ruby is really growing up now and it’s insane what say! I mean, at nursery, they’ve moved her up to the ‘big girls’ section because she was far too chatty for the babies of her own age, with her ‘I can count to ten, do sentences AND charm my way through the entire  alphabet, dolls!’ However, with this bit of baby banter…comes bossiness. I forgot that she had been raised by Me, meaning i have to deal with my own feisty issues, however, via the art of my own daughters bossiness. ‘MUM, I’VE DRANK MY BOTTLE. i’VE DRANK IT ALL. NOW CAN YOU PUT IT ON THE FLOOR PLEASE….NOW!’ She got into the car yesterday, after our meeting with the sort of odd smoothie man in Leeds and said, ‘Dad, can you turn the music on please…..thank you, like she was teenager. SHE’S ONE! Nonetheless, i’m impressed. I’m being quite impressed a lot recently with my little family. I now of course believe i’ve birthed a genius, a terrific one who will glamour puss her way to victory. Yet, we’ll see, as it seems I have another child on the way, which will swing the balance of our little family, perfectly. Neither Keiran or I have ever raised a BOY. Lord help us. I mean, Keiran’s still raising HIMSELF.

I’m happy today because I feel as though i can conquer the world. I’m in that preggo stage where your face gets noticeable fatter, yet people still come up to you and tell you that you’re skinny? I’m book editing, wanting to push that bit further with it and i’m errand running, with a nail and spray tan stoppage.

I don’t have too much more to report as of yet, as i’ve only tackled February for about 2 hours. So, i’ll blog a wee bit later and i’ll do it with a wiggle.

Have a great day!

Love you madly,

Chrissie x

ps, It’s the month of LOVE ladies and gents…so it’s time to be snagging yourself a little Valentine loving”! You have 14 days.


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