I’ve just woken up, sneaked out of bed, thrown a pair of baggy pyjama bottoms on (satin ofcourse,) popped in my contact lenses and slowly tottered through the corridor, on the warm wooden flooring, which is glorious on your feet, on chilly snowy mornings and had a look out the window.

I have never in MY LIFE, felt this peaceful. Everything around me is quiet, still, calm and filled with complete harmony. The forest trees are still glistened with snow. The world outside my window is in a state of utter magic. I feel happy and like i never ever want to leave this place. I’m free of stress, I’m free of drama and i’m able to enjoy the ones i love, at the same time as be ultimately creative. Whenever i’m here, i just fall in love with it and i end up in tears every time we have to leave.

My ‘Big Baby’ (Keiran) and ‘Little Baby’ (Ruby,) are still tucked up and snuggled under the thick cream duvet, fast asleep in dream land, enjoying the forest morning. They’re actually cuddling each other, with as a mum and a wife you find completely divine. It’s not only the cutest thing ever, but must also mean they’re both relaxed. Trying to get them both to sleep peacefully and rest their pretty heads fully, is almost impossible. So the fact that i’ve gotten up, tottered away and they are still snuggled up fast asleep, means they are happy and free from the everyday drama’s of life.

I woke up to birds singing, woodland animals chittering, a ray of sunlight beaming through the gaps in the forest trees and with a smile on my kitty cat face. I know i keep saying the same old thing, but i honestly can not describe how wonderful this place is and how positive it makes you feel. You’re a away from everything that doesn’t matter and immersed in a world that makes complete sense. I chilled on the sofa, by a huge window that is showing me the surrounding forest. I have a coffee to my left and i’m doing what i do best….which is attempt to be creative, via the art of written word.

I’ve had a lot on my mind this morning. All great things. All work things. And all things prepping me to take on the world of entertainment by storm. I feel positive and like i can conquer anything.

I’ve got a lot of writing to do….so i better go and get it sorted!

The two terrors are now up. I can hearing them shouting , ‘MUM! MUUUUM!! MUUUUMMMM!!’ Keiran calls me ‘MUM’ also, it may seem bizarre to you, but you us it’s really the norm. 🙂 I’m getting told off for not coming quick enough and manipulated by my one year old, with sweet, yet perfectly place baby words. (She is stating that her ‘heart is hurting’ because i’m not there.’ #DRAMAQUEEN.)

Anyway, my happy wife and mummy duties have begun, so cheerio and well if you’re not lucky enough to be in the forest with me….wherever you are…ENJOY!

ps/ it’s our last day in the forest today.

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