Moody bits of cheaty statistics…& steak.



He tried to get a comfort ‘blowie’ last night, whilst we were watching ‘In her shoes,’ with Cameron Diaz, as it magical snowed outside, forming a Winter Wonderland fit for…an Elf? He didn’t ‘hit the jackpot.’ (Ah-dee-dums. He is currently stopping me from writing my blog, by showing me a video on his phone, of a hanging down, floppy vagina, with googly eyes computerized upon the top of it, wiggling like a heavy flob of chicken neck skin, to a background demo of rap music?)

‘What is it? I innocently asked, not getting the joke.

‘It’s a fluey innit?’ Replied the man I agreed to marry 5 months ago. *Rolls eyes.*

‘What? Why is it all hangy?’

‘Some, flues are like that babe.’ Then he saunters back off to his end of the sofa, still in a fit of giggles, yet disappointed that I failed to enjoy the video as much as he did.

Yep…he didn’t get a blow job.

All today, i’ve been moody. I’ve been feeling cold, suffering through dry skin, reading up on various ‘hate mail’ and stomping around in a kitten strop. I’ve felt exhausted and miserable all day, after panning back over pictures of when I was young and hot, and then waking up from a dream where Keiran had not only cheated on me, but admitted it.

I enjoy taking my dream world out on people in the real world. It humours me and gives me something to be ‘diva’ about.

Anyway, after a steak and a wee bit of veg. I’m now feeling perkier. Not necessarily ‘over the moon,’ but better. In fact, nothing is actually annoying me at all, other than the fact that I’m buying a new little house, which brings a smile to my sorry face, yet I hate being rushed into i


There’s this sales women, who hasn’t ever done anything wrong to me, yet her manner seems to rub me up the wrong way and for no real reason, other than her rabbiting on and being pushy for her commission. I think the word i’m looking for is ‘impatient.’ I don’t enjoy impatient people, who want something that I’m having to fork out for. My father always taught me that ‘patience’ really was a virtue and it has served both of us well from day one. I’ll fork out for something, when I want to fork out for something and on my time. I only decided yesterday tea time and by tomorrow (which is a SUNDAY MORNING) she wants me in. That’s not even normal procedure. I only agreed to a Sunday morning meet, because the phone call was being taken for me and two other people were discussing it without me, so i ‘yessed’ them. She’s kinda dampening the excitement for me and you know how much I dislike a party pooper. Now, i’ve managed to have a think..and had a steak, there are people I need to talk to and discuss things with, so it all flows smoothly, before I go meet her. That to me, sounds a bit more sensible. I’m not sure I take to nicely to those to try and spend my money for me, at their rate of speed. It’s not like i’m buying a million pound mansion, beaming with ‘dream house,’ it’s just a little townhouse for my husband and family. It’s cute and hasn’t been built yet. Let’s all calm down. It’ll be lovely when I get it. However, manners wouldn’t go a miss.

Okay, other than all that. I’m dandy. I really am. I’m lucky to be living deliciously and well i’ve noticed that when my life isn’t luxury dipped…I don’t take to it very well. I was looking through relationship stats between men and women today and well according to them and the nation almost ALL woman prefer a man more, if he is the ‘provider.’ (I like that and I agree, as it means we’re not selling ourselves short here. It’s good to have your own money. Yet they should be taking care of you and simply because it’s the rules. 🙂 ) However, also apparently MOST men, prefer or want a trophy wife and almost 91% of men with power and money cheat on their wives in order to find one. CRAZY! Plus, men who choose to work away are more likely to want to cheat and will..they see it as an opportunity.

Hang on, let me ask Keiran what he thinks about the stats?

. I asked him about the ‘trophy wife’ thing said, ‘I want a hot wife and i’ve got one. I wouldn’t really want to be with you if you weren’t hot, as it was your initial attractiveness that drew me toward you. But everyone has a different version of what’s hot. So, i’m not really much help here.’

. I’ve also asked him about the ‘working away’ cheating thing and he claims that from what he knows, the majority of men who work away cheat…but you do get the good guys.


Now, all the above is quite negative, so I do not wish to smear you with all that and in fact you should all take it with a pinch of salt and a glass of decent vino, as not all men are that way and I know this because I know many men and a very good bundle of them are very very decent to women. (The rest are shits. I mean, there’s one guy who got back with his ex girlfriend, after they had broken up with for years, had a baby with her and when she was 8 months pregnant…yes…8 MONTHS pregnant, was inboxing me asking me to meet him and stay with him, as he was away, doing promotional work in Newquay. Can you believe it!!! Then when the baby was born and he well is now about a year old, a beautiful baby, by the way, he inboxed me AGAIN, attempting to be flirty and talking about my chesticles!!) Playing with fire, isn’t as fun as you may think. I’ve ignored him ever since.

Anyway, now I need chocolate and another cuppa green tea. I hope you’re keeping fabulous and well you know this little bit of Wunna loves you.

Big gentle kisses,

Chrissie x









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