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Hi, my delicious dips of  things things McYummy fest! Monday rocked, didn’t it? I woke up KNACKERED, due to the whole clocks moving forward situation. However, all of that is simply mind over matter. Our bodies CAN actually handle waking up an hour earlier, yet because we all know that we’re waking up an hour earlier, we moan on about it, and feel sorry for ourselves, as that is human nature. But Monday, rocked. Happy day at work. Worked hard. Worked well. Worked amongst amazing people who make me inappropriately smile everyday. I’m lucky. I mean, there were odd moments of ‘rude, fun and laughter’…yet i’ve decided that whenever you’re in Bunny ears…and i was totally in bunny ears…life just isn’t that bad. Nor is it very serious, when making executive decisions.

Lots is going on right now. The lashes are doing well. But i’m getting inundated with messages from gents all over the world? Now, I don’t mean that in an ‘ooh look at me i’m such a delight’ kind of way. I actually do find it flatteringly odd, as I’m just this chick in Ponty, doing my best with (like I always say) the 100 years that i hope i’ve been granted. Yet, you all seem to love it? Even the odd ones…with bells on. To this day, I have no clue why and i have no idea why this blog is even popular? But i’m going with it, simply because i’m a playful egomaniac, with a need to express. (This would be better with wine. *Wiggle, wink.*) I guess you’ve all either bumped life paths with me, know me, follow me or have decided to ride my ups and downs with me…and boy have i rode them. I mean, I can’t even believe that i’ve written this blog in particular since 2008…and I wrote it on Myspace for years before that! (That’s when it was good, as I was a foolish 20 something year old in need of love and attention. I went to town on everything and because I wasn’t scared too. When you get older, you think more and take the mildy sensible route when you can…and that’s saying something for me, as if you know me personally…i’m NUTS…i’m not that sensible at all. I mean, I’m not at all a fucking idiot…nut i’m not that far off being a tool. 🙂 I’m a happy tool though. *Adjust bunny ears.*)

My weekend was just about family. I spent it with the babies, m mum etc.. and shopped. I’ve done a lot of cocktailing and i’m about to partake in more i’m sure, during the bank holiday…so i needed the babies to keep my balance a float. It’s hard being a single mum as right now, even though they love each other, BOY DO THEY FIGHT. They fight for love and attention. My attention. And simply because there’s just me. I’m Mummy. I’m Daddy, Their best friend. They’re everything. But i’m working full time and making my dreams come true for their future ‘easy life.’ And that’s why i encourage all Mums doign the same to stand tall, lock arms with all of us strong dolls spiritually and get to it. You can have everything. Life, love and work. I mean, like I was saying to ‘the boy’ that i’m talking to (yes, we’re still doing great) Men need women…they can’t help it. It doesn’t matter if we’re a mum, a gran, an assistant, a mistress, a wife, lover, girlfriend, daughter or mate….they need a women in their life to survive, whereas us chicks, are simply quite self sufficient these days. We always have been, haven’t we? So, incase you’re a lady going through a lot. Don’t be the victim, as bad shit happens, it happens to us all and in life, even though i’ve been blessed enough to have a wonderful life…shit things have happened. I’ve lived and when you live fully, a balance of good and bad things have usually  happened to you. I’m the chick that will always brush herself off, re evaluate the way I feel and get on with it…smiling. Don’t play the victim or wallow in a pity party. It’ snot sexy. Guys don’t want to put a ring on that girl. 🙂

I still need a massage. I’m happy. I need a wine. I’m blogging from my bed sheets again and i’m doing better than ever.

I’m working hard, enjoying myself and encouraging you to do so too. No one can do your life better than you. If there is only one thing you are good at…it’s being you. Celebrate it. Bruises n’all! Hit bullet points, have goals, don’t wallow in pity parties. (By all means thrown tantrums are hot…yet get over them…and ficus on what fucking matters. I hate whiney, victim type folk, but only because i struggle to relate to them..and i’m not army strong. I’m just open, honest, expressive and not afraid.

I’m sort of in the mood for a snog right now, and have no one here to kissy kissy face with.  Annoying…but i’ll live. 🙂

Monday rocked.

Roll on Tuesday…



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