Monday, Dreams and Stress Buttons


Sunday was chilled. (I actually spent most of my weekend at home, which was lovely.)  Ruby darted off to see Pete, so I treated my Mum, Dad and Junior to lunch at The Georgian Tea Rooms in Doncaster. (The service was really good there and well i appreciate any place that delivers great service, as my people skills are AWESOME.) Junior then went on to lawn mow the entire of The Frenchgate Centre.

We chatted, we shopped, but more than anything i errand ran. Like i said earlier, i have quite a lot of stuff on my plate, like one giant gooey dollop of glitter, that i’m having to arm scoop in and sort out…and this is in work and in play. Lots is going on behind the scenes and it’s all great stuff, as nothing is really that bad at all…i just want it to all work out…so i’ve been really busy trying to organize and shimmie things out to work perfectly, which is always a bit nerve wrecking and always a little stressy. But i’m happy…so we’ll leave me to it, hey! 🙂 I’ve been organizing A LOT. The eyelash line is going to be awesome!!!

Anyway, I hope your Monday is going well. I’m currently working and i usually hate Mondays, but once i’m in them…i handle it, get on with it and end up loving it. Lol. I’m looking forward to the weekend…as it’s Ben’s birthday on Friday, so a bunch of folk are headed to Leeds for merriment and celebrating…which i do really well. It’ll be fun.

Tonight i’m just relaxing and enjoying a vino, rest and being Mama. I say that but I always end up working on something, which isn’t a bad thing, really. I’ve got things i want to achieve and well i’m not gonna get there by not adding focus. The good thing is that when everything is a bit stressy, once you’ve achieved it all, you feel this awesome sense of ‘yeah baby.’

Don’t get me wrong though, i always still ‘smell the roses.’ I’m super aware of what’s happening in the now, what’s around me an what i’m grateful for. There’s the ‘Wunna’ that’s in the ‘Boobpedia’ Lol.. who’s this model type chick, who moved to Hollywood, romanced everyone, got married loads, achieved lots, came home and got onto the telly with Paris Hilton….and then there’s just me…who’s about to hire an inflatable bouncy castle bar for kicks because it’s funny, loves being Mum, loves being in love and has her fingers crossed that her lash line does well. Pretty normal stuff really…I’m glamourous in both versions. 🙂

I’m feeling much better now because i’ve conquered my shitty 2014, which was the year that broke me down. HAHAH. Bitches that year sucked. I had never really had to deal with so much drama and there were times where i found myself princess weeping, during a pity party and times where i picked myself and couldn’t believe how ace i was at recovering shitty times with smiles and hero air punches! Wahoo! Compared to that…my life is pretty charmed now and it only gets better and better!

Wunna x





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