Molesting Dandy??

Woke up this morning feeling a lot more Dandy, than i thought i would, after my long work day yesterday. And i mean, ‘Dandy’ as in Cheery, and not as in Hot boy…hahah, sorry crap joke! However, i do feel it would be hilarious to molest a young man, during the morning hours, whos name so happened to be Dandy, then bully him for having such a girly name!! Anyway, why am i boring you with the nonsense??? I had a lovely meal last night, with my even lovelier family…we talked love, days, and boobies. (Now only 20 sleeps, until i wake up with new breasts! I’m actually getting a bit nervous now, as i’ve never had surgery in my life like EVER.) The sun is out, life is great, and my ‘Latin Lover,’ called me last night at some evil hour. I was basically still asleep. He heard my voice, got very scared, and suggested we talk ‘love’ tomorrow…haha! We’re both just so busy right now (and no that isn’t code for we’re breaking up …to all the HATERS!!) And due to a major 8 hour time difference, our 8 hour days, start at completely alternate, 8 hour times. Other than that we are STRONG like bull, although we do have our moments (oh the joys of ‘moments’.) However, I’m not too worried, as after my boobies inflate, he’ll 100% see the light, and OBEY me, and at all costs……it’s my evil trap, and basic way of getting myself out of trouble at all times, by the power of ginormous boobs. (For those of you that just called me ‘Slut’ in your head. You’re dumb for not thinking of it first!!) Do not underestimate the power of Ginormous boobs, with the delicate combination of bedroom eyes. It’s a winner every time. It’s lethal!! Anyway, i’m going off to drink my body weight in coffee, i hope you all have a wonderful day. I feel hot, i’m cheeky, and i’m just the way you like me!!!

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