Easy like Sunday morning? Not even nearly! I trotted off to Doncaster today to get in a little shopping with my family. I currently have to avoid going out on thursday nights, Friday nights and ‘town centre’ saturday afternoons….due to the insane effect of me now being on the telly has on my life. Like i said, i have huge Northern support (which i adore, keep it up)…they get really into it and well now (especially after my Episode 2) it a little crazy. I’m getting recognized EVERYWHERE  i go and it’s hilarious because people are really into all the drama going on right now in the house, (i think they still think i’m living in it’,) and want to talk to me about it all for hours!! I don’t mind though. I have a lot to say…as always!

Walked into KFC today, just wanted some fried chicken. Noticed everyone was staring at me, their eyes and bodies had accompained me all the way there and I was followed by whispers of ‘Thats Chrissie from the Paris show’ from the moment i stepped into the shopping centre. It didn’t really feel too bizarre. I’m use to being stared at because i’m soo odd anyway. No-one dare come up to me, yet they all just stood around smiling and staring at me, whilst i stood in line for my 2 piece chicken meal…which i switched for a Zinger burger. When i got to the counter…the lady says, ‘Can i take you’re order please’ followed by a ‘You’re Chrissie on that show,’ and from that moment of ‘Yeah i am…’ it just went INSANE!!! It was kinda like a domino effect. It simply took one person to actually say something and then everyone was falling all over themselves! I love Yorkshire for this!! Its great for my ego. Most people get mobbed at some luxurious red carpet event…i get mobbed over fried chicken!

Made me smile because everyone knew the whole story. They knew my name, they could exactly quote things people had said about me in the house. They had strong opinions on what they believed was right, who should win and who should get the boot…and they were ALL on my side..(and yes it was because i was infront of them.) I’m not gonna repeat what they said about some of the other BBF’s (as it will just cause drama ), but i don’t really care…. THEY LOVE ME!!! So i’m grateful! Yet i didn’t like people taking pictures of me with my mucky chops around a Zinger burger. My mucky chops have been around a lot more exciting things! (wink, wink) It’s picture worthy.

The whole day from that point on was crazy. I got stopped in every store i went in and had a conversation about the show along with posing for pictures….which i think is sweet. I love it. I’m quite comfortable in the limelight! lol. (i’m only putting ‘lol’ make myself not look like a complete tit.) But I much rather meet people in person. I work better that way. So thats why i loved it. Their faces are priceless. In Debenhams a 40 year old mum (a trendy mum) stopped and screamed at me, whilst i was spraying Gwen Stefani’s new perfumes all over my wrists (i love them)…whipped out her phone and told her 12 year old son to take pictures of us together. She loved it, which made me love her. She said the show was her new addiction and noticed me from my eyelashes and voice! My poor mum was just kinda being elbowed out the way (haha) every 2 seconds…which i didn’t like…but she was proud. Then the workers were all at it, then this fun middle aged man, ran up to me at Starbucks and demanded to know who won!! All was a frenzy and then as i leave with 3 of those little doll Gwen Stefani perfumes…the ‘YOUR STEALING’ alarm goes off…(y’know the buzzers that ‘buzz’ when you walked out of the store) making my exit 10 times worse..and even though i was laughing it off and shouting ‘Great now i’m getting done for stealing!’..the lady had to go through my bags, INFRONT of EVERYONE even though she was the cashier i paid…making me look like i really am a ‘thieving little gypo.’ My mother was just pissing herself. I was sooo embarassed!! Hilarious! My life is a changing. I love my 5 minutes!! I’m now not such a ‘secret’ vice.

Chrissie Wunna x

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  1. quality chrissie u deserve to me mobbed for telling it how it is and being true to yourself o think everyone has opinions on the show I think who ever was being lemon to u is a fragel dimlow mug c word so I got your back and all babe


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