Missing Buses



The good guys got steak…the rest of you got nothing. Put a smile on my miserable face, i tells ya! However, although, I managed to partly destroy such a ritual…I also at the same time managed to REMIND men of such a day, which of course would be something that I would do. #dim I got messages from the other species thanking me for reminding them that such a day existed. Oops! That blew up in my face. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, had an AMAZING first work week. Thoroughly enjoying not being a loser. Today however, I have a day of shopping, which I will absolutely delight in, yet before all that I’m having to view a house in Sandal, Wakefield. I didn’t actually want to move to Wakefield, however, i’m just going to have a peek..see what’s on offer…and well then maybe go for my original choice, if I don’t like it. I mean i will like it. Yet, it’ll give me 6am ‘wake up calls’ for travel…which to be honest, with two babies…is normal.

It’s looking chilly today. My LA friends are all making me jealous by sunning it up and cooking for Jessica Alba. Ruby is being wonderfully cute. Junior is an utter ‘Mummy’s boy.’ If he could spend his entire life, nuzzling into my boob, he would. He even motor-boated me the other day. They always say that baby boys are more snuggly with their Mums…AND IT’S TRUE! Plus, in the parent stakes, out of 30 days, lets say… his male parent see’s him for 3 or 4 of those 30 days by choice and work circumstance and well I’ll see him for all 30 of them. That makes the difference in snuggly wars. πŸ™‚ Even Rubes is turning a bit more ‘Mummified.’ Not sure i’m too great an influence though, as she’s flouncing around with plastic, diamantee, fake clip on, dangly earrings all the time and toy heels..with a mobile phone attached to her head. πŸ™‚ The good thing about being Mum is that you get to have everything, work, own business, love, family, money and the children! Remember that! You don’t lose out on anything. Women sometimes forget how lucky and how important they are. Plus, men can’t live without us. Even when they try. They can’t. πŸ™‚

Life is good and i’m really happy. The way I see it, i’m just going to merrily work hard, do my beauty line, work my day job, move and love my children. Anyway, who is worth being in my life, will make sure that they’re in it, without me having to chase…as girls, women ladies, should NEVER have to chase. If you find yourself doing this, then the isn’t worth it. I see it as them being disrespectful and i’ve had enough of disrespectful men in my life. Or ‘too scared’ men. I’ll stop, look and see who’s still around. The ones that are can come with me, the ones that aren’t…missed the bus. Ah well! That’s not my fault. It happens. *Confetti shower here*

But yes, this is just a quickie..as i’ve got my hair to do, houses to see, babies to organize and shopping to tend tooo. #glamma #glamma

I really need a decent tan, as i’m doing that brown faced thing, with whiter arms. Of course, I’m aware that I am ethnic and not secretly white. Yet, my face is orange and my arms aren’t. πŸ™‚ This calls for extreme tanning measures.

Miss you. Love you. Loving life.

Chrissie x



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