Midnight banter

I’m sat in bed, half tucked in, half snuggled around kittens, with a Port by my side (didn’t even cry this time around, due to the fact that i’m far too happy) and with nothing other than the ‘bedroom’ in my eye. Incase you don’t know, whenever i drink Port…i become highly emotional and make the executive decision to cry. It’s hilarious and i always get excited for it. I did spend a good 5 minutes, having a conversation with the Gods, whilst weighing up the pros and cons of the whole Port intake. I went with…’there’s no other booze in the cupboard and it will be hilarious.‘ I actually feel fine. Love has done this to me…it has made me a better person. Before this time… i only truely loved myself, but now i’ve found that there’s actually room for one more. I mean, there’s always room for one more. Woohoo!  *queeze in Mister.* But someone that I (the Ultimate Queen of Greatness) not only just adores, but respects. I’d never do him wrong, and if you take a wander through my history of ‘love,’ you will find a jolly old bit of ‘wrong doing.’ This ones too good a boy. I mean i’ve always dreamt of this perfectly romantic man to walk into my life and adore me completely. I’ve had it once before and thought i’d never experience it again. But it’s here…again…but this time even BETTER!  His bedtime text to me read: ‘I’m so glad we’re together. I find it so easy to tell you my feelings. I feel like we’ve been together forever. I love everything about you. x’ I’ve talked to him all night and we’ve just had a LAUGH. I’ve never met a cuter boy. He’s adorable. He tries not to swear and before he calls me, he says he finds himself accidentally sprucing himself up, to look respectable, even for the phone convo. (Awwww…) It’s a great balance of innocent fun, and romance…with that added touch of ‘raunch.’ He’s got a *sizzle* body. You Gays will LOVE him. I’ll so let you grope him at the wedding, because surely instead of an isle, i’ll have a catwalk. And surely instead of Bridesmaids, i’ll have a selection of my hot gays, *strutting* behind me.

I’m enjoying this whole

Anyway I’m writing this now, because i have an early-ish morning and i really can’t be bothered to get up earlier than i have to. (I’ve also had a massage and a lay down on the sunbed. Pamper is my new favourite thing. I actually feel like the most relaxed Diva in all the world ever much. I was born for the art of ‘Pamper.’ You could ask me for anything right now, and i might actually pretend like i might almost be listenning to you. 🙂 )

Talking about text messages….early I accidentally sent a PRIVATE text, that was meant for ‘Loverboy’ to TWITTER! OMG!!! I am actually embarassed and i don’t even know why? lol. I even deleted it. It read, ‘I am MADLY in love with you.


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