Merry Merry Christmas Lovers



My Filming of ‘Miss Romance’ blog will come tomorrow….after i’ve travelled back onto Northern soil. (I head back to Yorkshire for Crimbo tomorrow. Woohoo! Oh and it’s my Birthday in 6 merry days! Oh yes, oh yes, it is!!! I had lots of fun on set. I’m being treated like a princess, but i am quite cheekily keen on everyone fussing over me. Hahaha…:) We’re all working very hard, and we’re a GREAT GREAT team. I’ve very excited about it all and really hope you are too. Oh and yesterday…i kissed an elf midget named ‘Greg.’ Another Wunna wish comes true!!! WOOHOO! He was a dirty bugger too. I kept putting him in a box and whenever i looked in it, he’d be up to all sorts of ‘Are you really going to show me that this early in the relationship,’ jiggery pokery. Hahah…he swore like a bastard. I LOVE Greg the midget and I LOVE you too.

Thankyou for an amazing year and an amazing story to tell. You’ve sailed me into my next chapter. Oh and i LOVE all of you who have ‘’ as one of those bookmarky, applications on your Iphone. (I had a gentleman show me my blog on his iphone, in the back of a taxi.) Thankyou! Know that as you’re reading up on my tragically delicious life on your phone…someone in Tokoyo is doing the exact same thing…as is someone in LA…as is someone in Egypt. I know i often come across as a big, saucy dickhead…but know that I am truely very grateful for all your love & support. I really can’t do it without you. I have this amazing life, and i’m just a girl telling you my story. I know, i’m a a glamour pussing handful…a little too much to absorb at times. But i’m loving every moment of telling my tragic tale. You’ve made me truely believe that anything can happen and well you’ve also helped me get a bit drunker. 🙂

All my love

Chrissie Wunna x (Yes to Glamour pussing.)

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