Men, Might and Miracles


Evening you sexy dolls of ‘ooh.’I have worked my frilly socks off all weekend and to the point where i can stand back, smile, know that i had a great time and more than anything,t hat i achieved. I adore to achieve…so even though it’s tiring at times, panicky and it feels as tho ugh i want a moment to myself, to be able to just toss it off and relax or spoil myself to freedom. I know, i’m all good and just feeling sorry for myself, because at the end of the day, i know what i’m doing, i’m doing it well and there are results. Like proper results!! I’m lucky, really lucky and that’s something that i truly don’t take for granted and that’s no matter what people say about me. I’m a great human. And i don’t mean in the fantasy type of way. I just mean…when all that’s stripped bare to the knackers :)…. there am I…just me…and being awesome ;)…hand in hand. Yes…i am quite the ego yeah, i do reckon that to know me personally, or have me in your life closely, means you’re really lucky. ๐Ÿ™‚ But thats what makes me special. ๐Ÿ™‚ *Glitter here.*

Anyway, yes, i’ve been really busy and did feel sorry for myself because i couldn’t fit any ‘me’ time in, y’know just to do all the things that i fancy doing. However, just like that fate stepped in and made me run into unsympathetic people, to give me random pep talks. Lol. I moaned at my mum and all she said was…’You’re doing well now and you have the opportunity to do even better than me…So…you can either choose to work hard and do well, or be a dosser and have nothing for yourself and your family.’ Lol Oh Mother! ๐Ÿ™‚

I had a wine after that.

Then I ran into the guy at the petrol station, in Ackworth, opposite Spar. He only seems to work the weekends, but he’s good at his job and cheery. After I baby moaned, all he said was ‘Yeah, but you’re making money, you drive a really nice car…I want a really nice car…you’re doing great…keep going.’

So…no one cared to cradle my pity party. FFs. So, i bucked up, smiled, did an updo..jabbed a glitter pink rose into it and soldiered forward, like i was ten men. ๐Ÿ™‚ It sort of made me realize that i was kinda lucky, to have a lot going on. I can fit anything in, succeed at most and juggle really well. I mean, i hate it when people make excuses up for shit. You can do it all, have it all and love it all..and the people who can’t…are boring. ๐Ÿ™‚

ALSO, it’s my birthday in 12 days. December 19th and i’m awfully distraught because i truly want to be treated to amazing things and spoilt. ๐Ÿ™ My Birthday even falls on a FRIDAY or crying out loud. Help me out here. Treat me. Spoil me! DO SOMETHING!! HAHA. I just want the icing on my cake. The cherry on my pie. Fun, love and laughter. Drinks, Surprises. Merriment.

And on the boy front, i want to be adored, chased and loved. I want some kind of ‘forever’ hero that is going to be there and champion me on, as i take his hand and do life with him. I want the real deal. I want to come home and see him there, sat chilling, after his own hard day at work…all smiles and laughter, with a vino waiting for me. I want him to be my best friend. Someone, who’s not afraid to adore me, be themselves and not afraid to just get on with love and not play the boring ‘game’ part of love. Right now, i hate single life (even though regular life rocks and it’s Christmas and i’m happy) …and i’d definitely enjoy being part of some amazing twosome. BUT only if it’s amazing and kinda LIKE NOW. I hate waiting. HAHAH. Plus, i’m not one to completely sell myself short…when i pick, i pick and ย i truly do expect that ‘pick’ to last forever. I don’t really just flounce off with anyone..ever. lol. I usually zoom in on a suitor and give it a go. Immediately. I hate the yo yo part, and much prefer the idea that if a guy wants you, but truly wants you..again…as i said before, he will go out of his way, not just to tell you…but SHOW YOU.

I mean, we as girls hear a lot, see a lot and get treated to a lot. AND of course the opposite. And yes i am referring to boys. But in your life if you ever come across one that ticks all the boxes, (and this goes the other way also fellas, with girls)… if you find someone that is attractive, yet sexy but intelligent and hard working…good in all the right ways, bad in all the right ways…yet has the perfect balance of words and actions…then you’re onto a winner. It doesn’t come around often..but comes around at least twice for everyone. (Apparently.) You’ll know if you adore ย someone simply because no matter what happens or has happened or what will happen…your heart will keep telling you that it’s amazing..and well the guy will pull all the stops out and prove that he wants you to be his. As you can tell.. and especially from my past. I don’t like the messing around. I’m quite direct and thoroughly enjoy ow things, when i comes to love simply occur. I mean, look at my friend Emily (who i did the Ann Summers thing with.) She’s just out of nowhere found the love of her life. They live on opposite sides of the world, but both agreed to do their first date in New York. They did..and now they are together, happy and inseparable. Magic. I really love Emily, she’ll always be a girl that i will definitely want in my life forever. I remember how much she wanted the ‘fairy tale’ and she got it. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s what i love about love. I’m beaming for her. ๐Ÿ™‚

I want that. NOW!

Okay, must go, it’s a good telly night. I have the most wonderful babies. I’m working all week, apart from Thursday..(OOoh, love ‘Fifth Harmony’ on X factor!!)

See you!






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