Men are from Penis & Girls are from Mars!


Uh, God! Just as you say lovely things about the man you have chosen to partner up with in life, they go and annoy you, with (and in the words of Geri Halliwell, ‘ a bad case of opposite sex.’)

Don’t worry, it’s nothing major, but he did sleep on the sofa last night and I have ignored him since around 7.30pm yesterday evening. I’m still going strong and simply because he hasn’t apologised.

It’s the simple act of Men vs Women, Stiletto vs Stud, Chico vs Chica. So, let me take you back to around 7.30pm last night, in fact no, it could’ve actually been much earlier than that, when the hubby and I were both stood in front of the oven, getting ready to bake a pizza for Ruby, (who in her moment of flu recovery decided to need.)

Do note that earlier in the day he had annoyed me by pacing around the room where I was working and looking after Baby Ruby, moaning that he was hungry. Firstly, I don’t like moaners. It’s not sexy. Secondly, I don’t enjoy men that become dependent on me doing chores for them. Therefore walking around me whining the words, ‘I’m hungry. Babe, I’m hungry. I’m really hungry. Babe, I’m hungry,’ isn’t the best way to grab my attention. Surely if one is hungry, they should eat. It’s not that hard a puzzle to figure out? I’m not quite sure what I have to do with that equation? Oh? Wait! I get it, i’m meant to be the doting housewife who makes the meal. Correct! Then if that balance is to work, then he’s supposed to be the ‘Hero’ husband that has provided the food for me to cook. In the caveman days the women NEVER went out and gathered the food, they COOKED it once their other cavey half had PROVIDED it. So, girls! Do not let boys get the story twisted and try and fool you into believing you HAVE to cook for them…especially if they haven’t  hunted or gathered the goods. If they want that balance to work, then they have to be keeping their end of the bargain.

In the end and after I did nothing and he suggested going to the local store to purchase goods, yet didn’t really want to go, if he’s being honest. He stormed off in a huff and returned with two sandwiches, chicken for Ruby and a giant bar of chocolate. He redeemed himself and scored points for that display of ‘getting it right,’ so i forgave him and loved him because he had found a solution. We went back to ‘good’ immediately.

Okay, so now as time is fast forwarded, we’re find ourselves in front of the oven and he’s now telling me to ‘lose to attitude’ because I was thawing out a frozen pizza. I told him to preheat the oven, (like you do,) and was simply stood by the frozen pizza, unpacking it and making sure all was well, because as you know, things are different when frozen. Now, Keiran NEVER COOKS. He doesn’t know how to make much more than tinned soup, or a bit of pasta. He can warm things up. But cooking he just can’t be bothered to do.

He’s told me to sit down, stating that he will make the pizza for Ruby, (yet he hasn’t smeared his tone with honey and instead stomped him man voice of power all over it.) I’ve looked at him and said with an attitude problem’No, i’ll do it.’

He barks in with a ‘Why?’

Then i say, ‘..well because you won’t do it right!’

That was it. You just can’t tell a man that you are better at something that he is, or maybe you just can’t tell Keiran that. It’s a flipping pizza for crying out loud, is it worth the hassle. I mean a smart guy would’ve just been like, ‘Yay, i get out of making it, you do it.’

But no. Now that I have stated that I can do it better, he’s turned all ‘alpha’ on my Asian arse and is stood there with his arms folded, the way he always does when he has a problem with authority. I saw the exact same stance in December over something much more serious and immediately got a flash back of the moment.

‘What! You think I can’t make a PIZZA!?!’

‘YOU WON’T DO IT RIGHT!’ I replied.

Then, i stopped gathered my phone, book and got ready to hair toss with a ‘FINE! YOU DO IT. YOU TAKE CARE OF IT FOR RUBY. IN FACT DO IT ALL.’ Then I stormed off upstairs to work. I think i swore at him under my breath too, because I hate it when i know best and he doesn’t believe I do.

When i got upstairs and began to work, i simply told him to ‘fuck off.’ 🙂 As he was rambling on about working all day and looking after Ruby all at the same time, which isn’t true. I looked after her in our bedroom all afternoon because the poor twinkle was fluey dooey. (She’s much better now and back at nursery.) He sauntered in for 10 minute stretches of cuddles and knee sitting. That’s not ALL DAY.

So we’ve just had this massive argument about a pizza. He’s angrily stated that HE CAN MAKE A PIZZA, no problem and is traumatized by the fact that I could even suggest that firstly I was better than HIM at pizza baking and secondly that he lacked the adequate skills in this particular area. I was fuming whilst working away upstairs and well about 5 minutes into it, i smell smoke, I see the stairway filling up with smoke and the SMOKE ALARM GOES OFF, because he’s fricking BURNT IT!!! (I shouldn’ t laugh, but PAHAHAHAHA!) It’s like we’re this little comedic couple of tragico, bundling around with no reason or rhyme.

So, the pizza baking champion that he is BURNT the pizza. Meaning he had to immediately get it out the oven, turn everything off and stop the fire alarm, before launching the now ruined pizza outside in the bin.

I’ve ignored him every since, but i’ve found the burnt pizza incident hilarious.  Iv’e ignored him because he hasn’t managed to apologise  for being rude to, not has he managed ot even state that I was right and he was wrong. In fact, he hasn’t managed to even speak about the pizza burning incident, not even ONCE since it’s happened! HAHAHA!

Sometimes girls are just RIGHT and BETTER at things than men. Kind of just  like men, who are often right and better at things than chicks. Yet it takes a bigger man to be able to recognize that fact and accept it. Men and women are  completely alternate species. We’re not meant to be the same, we’re just meant to find a happy medium and get on with it. I do feel bad for ignoring him, as Keiran is a great deal more delicate than I am. He’s internally soft, so my stubborness will set him off balance. However, at the same time…apologies work just as well as diamonds at times. I’m sure he’ll charm his way back into my heart by lunch time. 🙂

Hilarious fight! I went to bed early to look after Ruby because i had been working away all night online, doing research, pushing a campaign forward and getting everything ready and right for a launch. I know what i’m doing and i’m feeling confident, happy and strong.

My hard work paid off and well i saw massive results last night before going to bed and even more results this morning from my correct manovering. Like I said, it’s all about working hard, working smart, pre-planning and getting a head in the time that others waste.

I hope I get my exciting phone calls this afternoon. I missed one yesterday. Typical of me really.

Just wanted to say ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY ‘ to the beauty that is @fpayts11 (A sexy chick friend of mine who i have grown to adore.)

I wish you all a beautiful day and well keep working at those dreams and making them come true.

ps/ My mum actually gave me good advice this morning, stating that it’s not actually how long you work or even neccessarily how hard you work, or in fact even how much you work and more about how much of an IMPACT you MAKE, when you do work. It’s the people that make the IMPACT, that make the world their carry kitten. *Wiggle-wink* You can struggle all day pounding away at those keys and make zero actual impact. Yet you could put in those thunder couple hours and doing everything RIGHT and launch such impact that it takes you to the next level.

(We all adore a ‘next level’ as it’s far more bouji up there.)

pps/ Adrienne Maloof from ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ is worth $300 MILLION in her OWN RIGHT. (Just a little incentive for you. 🙂 ) But she was the daughter of a Billionaire.  #fun

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