Memory box deleted

Okay, so over the last couple weeks, i’ve eaten more fruit than i have ever consumed in my entire life, (i’m not a fruit eater, it’s very rare that you’ll see me sat with a banana in my hand, with a side of apple for a delightful lunchy snack, it’s just not very ‘Chrissie Wunna’..i’m more of a champagne with a side of eye candy kinda femme. However, being an old bird now, i’m slowly becoming a Dairy milk bar eater, with a side of ..purring?) It works for me, so don’t hate. Anyway, yes,,,my point. I’ve eaten more fruit than ever this last week and i’ve got FATTER. That is what The Gods want for me. They want me to crave something as uninteresting as a plum…and then add more weight to my belly for kicks. Delightful. I’m not bothered. I’m still fierce. 😉 *Wiggle-wink-updo.*

I’m currently watching ‘Real Housewives…,’ and starving because my bodies now craving chilli. I don’t have chilli in, so i’m going to have to have a fricking PEAR. Jesus life! Work with me here! I’ve just lip if i need to shove a pear in my mouth right now, for extra smudging. *Shoves pear in mouth-smudges.* I’m glad there’s telly on now, as earlier there was nothing on at all, where ‘Hottest boys 2012’ was my ONLY option. It was rubbish.

Lots has accidentally happened today. There i was chilling and feeling sorry for my pretty self and then out of nowhere, i ended up receiving a work phone call that i had to immediately tend to, followed by a whole bunch of organizing for Baby Ruby’s little career. She’s one. I know and therefore shouldn’t at all be pursuing a career of any sorts. However, she’s turned all glitzy and wanting to be the centre of attention at all times. I adore that about her and find it far too cute. (I’ve raised a Mini Me and explained to Harriet via Facebook, who would like to keep her, that i couldn’t possibly give her away and simply because i’m far too much of an ego-maniac to pass my ‘Mini me’ to another.) Anyhow, like i was telling you before, i was in two minds about getting her signed up to an agent for baby modelling etc…however, it’s all just fun and innocent right now and if they are asking to sign her, then why not? Everyone i know and everyone i’ve asked have thought it was a great idea, so i said ‘yes’ and got her on the right books. This Sunday, i have to take her to Norwich, because she’s a finalist in the Baby Model of the Year comp. It’s a good way for me to see, if she actually likes all the ‘hoo-haa’ or not and then adjust appropriately. *Strut-strut-pout* My family’s actually turned accidentally showbizzy. I mean, i was always one for a bit of entertainment and whole bob of ‘look at me.’ However it seems we’re all headed down that way. We’re sort of lucky by accident.

I still haven’t had a massage and still really need one..with a side of chilli,or a burrito. (I’m craving Mexican.)

I had so much to tell you and i’ve managed to forget it all. I got showered and forgot everything. (FFs) Here i am, on my sofa, by an eaten pear core, in my fluffy slippers, letting my memory slip away from me. I haven’t even had a gin, since i’m all tee total and virginal now. Lord help me, if i can’t even remember things sober. Maybe booze was the key factor to making my brain actually work???

I want a beauty salon and i want my own line of low calorie booze. I want a successful career in entertainment and the happiest little family in all the land. I still wish Christmas would hurry up and i’m still the luckiest little kitten this earth ball could’ve ever birthed. (Well i can actually think of luckier people. However, *shush* let me have my moment.)

Sorry i forgot all that i needed to tell you. Maybe i should go back to bed….?

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