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Went to the supermarket today…a place that i loathe due to intense, poor, bright lighting and cold lanes filled with meat and bargain stickers on them. All i needed was washing up liquid. Came back with EVERYTHING under the fricking sun, from fillet steak to random organic unsweetened, dairy-free milk, a lottery ticket, a bottle of Pinot Grigio, a bag of Monster Munch for Ruby…but yeah…no washing up liquid. UGH! When you fail to purchase the one main thing that you took the journey to purchase…especially when you’re now a wifey, you can no longer label yourself the ‘Domestic Goddess of the year.’ But ah well…i leave that to the better wives. i’m good at the ‘loving’ part. The washing up liquid can wait. (FYI/ I’m super missing Keiran LOADS, whilst he’s away. I got really used to him looking after him and him being home, falling asleep on his lap and giggly cuddling him, with baby voices.) However, today Rubes and I ‘got on with it,’ she did her cutesy wootsie thing and i did my usual ‘mummy-love’ wallowing of her. She was actually really naughty in the supermarket, yet the masses didn’t quite help me, by ‘awwing’ at her every tiny, very naughty move….making her applaud herself after each bit of demon, in curly pigtails tantrum. Ruby is like me, when i was 20. However, she is only ONE YEARS OLD! ( utter dream man and now husband #yay…i still adore saying it…sent me a text today at 17.18 reading, ‘I can’t get over how beautiful you are babe. You’re absolutely goregous. xx’ I just can’t believe how i’ve managed to be married to the most amazing man ever. I think we’re both in shock that we’ve managed to convince the other, so quickly to love us and without much convincing. We’re really lucky and i know i keep saying it, but well being newlyweds is the best thing ever. IT’S AMAZING! We’ve really taken it on and embraced it wholeheartedly. I feel whole, loved and blessed….then a letter came in the post stating that Keiran had got a road traffic ticket, after driving in a bus lane. Pictures of us tooting along in his van and everything. Notthingham is hardcore! Do not drive in bus lanes over WILL GET FINED.)

The National Lottery is currently on and i’m hoping that i win. If not this time, some other time is fine. I think it’s be hilarious and i’d finally be able to doggie paddle in the pink lit ‘dream house’ pool, before swimming to my island indoor pool bar, with my tiara firmly in place. That’s exactly how i imagine my immediate future, but better. When you have the most beautiful daughter and you’re married to the most wonderful man, all that’s left is that..and by ‘that,’ i do mean doing well and purchasing luxury. The idea of chilling all day, doing work that i adore, whilst grooming and up-keeping my appearance, which is difficult as the years go by, is utter bliss to me. We’ll get there. I’m working on it. The meetings have been scheduled, but what you all can do is begin my BUYING MY BOOK. LOOK RIGHT, CLICK AND PURCHASE. 🙂

The Hollywood in me, makes me adore the self grooming. The wives in that town spend a lot of time and money on themselves and the art of ‘looking delicious.’ I like that. I’m soothed by it and well Keirans’ the kinda dear fellow who enjoys that about me too. In Yorkshire, there’s not so much of that…is there? And yeah i get the whole, love is love and your ‘handsome’ loves you anyway, even with no face, ya scrunchie and your tracksuit on. I’m just naturally not of that sort. I’m naturally Glamour Pussy and i have no idea why? But i like it and i never want that to change. I think it’s a girls perogative to be delicious, as much as possible. Just because you’re a wifey now, or you’ve been with someone a long time, or you’re now a tired mum, it doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go. Embrace ‘ooh laa’ and enjoy it…Now i’m not saying all women should now reach for their lippy, high heels, leopard print nighty and botox treaments. I’m just saying that it’s important that you are yourself, who you are naturally and be able to embrace it. That way your womanly ‘glow’ (that your mister finds sexy) radiates. But more importantly it makes YOU feels sexy and when you feels sexy, then the ‘handsomes’ benefit anyhow. 😉

Anyway i must go, as there’s Pinot Grigios to be drank and baby Ruby is making medo the ‘hokey cokey’ with her, mid blog. Right now i’m feeling MADLY IN LOVE. It’s a glorious feeling and i hope you all, if you don’t already feel it, are blessed with such an ooze of flutter. I’m actually remember this time ( i think it was our second date, where Keiran invited me out to dinner at an Indian restuarant. He greeted me, when i got there and when i sat down at the table, ready to make a drink order, the waiters came out with a giant beautiful bouquet of flowers for me, that he had secretly organzied beforehand. I adore romance. I have the most loving hubby ever! CLOUD 9!

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