Me & You Rendez-Vous

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Well heeelllloo my lovely delicious bundles of ‘umph.’ I’m feeling on top of the world this morning after a Mimosa breakfast, during very early London times. Life is amazing and omg, it almost looked like it was going to be sunny for a good fucking four seconds. But no, i’m now once again freeezing…and i can always tell that it’s going to be a bit nippy, as my boobs will freeze up into rock hard, solid weapons of mass destruction. It’s like being a superhero…but not at all really. I mean who can be arsed to save the world in this weather. I haven’t even been out. Which sadly means i’m sober. Which sadly means my blogs are shit. KILL ME! Oh and i just got cyber yelled at by a boy who used to walk store bought frozen chickens and dead crows on leases. How you gonna yell at me?? My outfit trumps your history!! Apparently, i’ve been bad to ‘Bradley.’ Who the fuck is Bradley? When i meet him, i’ll be bad to him. Until that day sonny jim…i know nothing?? Now, i know i say everybody has a ‘Chrissie Wunna’ story and they do because i have a legendary reputation and all that ‘lovely lovely’…but you can’t just make them UP. Well you can. But the real Tom Foolery, is soooo much better. Infact you don’t NEED to make them up, i have enough jiggery pokery to go around…and don’t worry, I’LL GET to you. (Hair toss, strut.)

Anyway, here are a few pictures sent to me, that we’re taken at my ‘Celebrity Charity Painting’ signing. I did mine at Rendez-Vous, Leicester square, with Virginia Leach…a celebrity portrait painter. My pretty signed face will now go up for auction, over and over again..all over the world..and well it’s all for a good cause innit. (Charity, and MY EGO.) All smiles. (Oh and it’s Blogathon today!)

4 thoughts on “Me & You Rendez-Vous”

  1. oy oy how are u wunna i hope u are having a wunnafal friday have a few bottles of shampoo tonight for me chrissie u out on it anywhere nice this weekend chrissie

  2. im staying in tongiht and tommorow and then ognig out for me pal bills second pro fight come on billy boy iron him out shun. u ok tohught treacle u still fancying george hamilton? maybe one day u will put that up about me ha ha ha


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