McSneeze and magic

I can’t sneeze and it’s fucked up. Whenever i do, my chest muscles, due to the ‘new boobage’ boom forward and ofcourse hurt, lol…it feels like an explosion. I am having to swallow each sneeze due to sheer fear. I am officially pathetic, but that’s why we love Me. I’ve actually been told, i  need to grow hairy balls, and ‘ride through’ a sneeze. I say, ‘get ya hairy balls out of my face, so i don’t HAVE to ride anything!!’ (hahaha) It’s very easy to point and make someone ‘ride’ something, when your chest DOESN’T boom!!! What’s happened to me, i’m so McChicken now?? I’m meant to be ninja daring!!

I’m also going through this weird phase of whatever i say, keeps happenning. It’s soooooo ‘X-files.’ I say, ‘blah, blah, blah,’ in random conversation, and the ‘blah, blah’ miraculously happens, moments afterward!! I’m like magic or something…or on drugs??? Who knows?? It’s happened so much, that it’s spooky. I’m like ‘Mystic Meg,’ but with my magical boobs?? I swear, i’m not lying…it keeps happenning like every hour!!! No joke!!! I love it!!

2 thoughts on “McSneeze and magic”

  1. quality chrissie that must be the guvna everything u say coming true. u must have magic thrupneys babe. im sorry u are having trouble sneezing and that it hurts when u do because of your new guns. u should try a hot toddy that normally sorts me right out whatever i got wrong with me. take care chrissie tada scratch


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