Masterchef Much & My Little Forest Holiday…


Why does everything I cook taste yucky! It’s so annoying. That’s 20 minutes of my time dedicated to making food taste nice…and every time….it simply tastes…well I believe the term is ‘edible.’ You can eat it, but there’s no need to be poking banners up for it, or sticking the flag of greatness up ya Kahooni to mood music. (I don’t know what that is? But whatever, the main topic right now, is that…i’m a rubbish cook.)

I’ve literally had to make food because I needed to remind myself to eat, as of course as I stated earlier…I had forgotten to nibble on down yesterday, which when pregnant is not a good thing at all. So, today i’m making a rather conscious effort to..well EAT. It wasn’t that easy and well I never cook for one. If i’m by myself, i’ll always purchase something ready made, OR snack on little bits of whatnots, rather than have a big meal. But today, I needed the food for the bump, so I oven baked a salmon fillet, with fishcakes, garlic bread, fresh veg and steamed veg. I had cleaned the oven out earlier, so my portion kinda tastes like Cif. 🙂 Great! I’ve successfully eaten food and poisoned myself all at the same time.

Anyway, Keiran had come home from golf and we still weren’t talking. But luckily, I was then needing to cook and like I said I never cook for one. Plus, I thought it would be really awful of me to sit there cooking and eating, when I firstly know that he’ll probably be starving and that he enjoys a bit of salmon, fishcakey delight. (He’ll eat my cooking even if it tastes like crap and simply because i’m his only option for food. Poor thing.)

I don’t think he would’ve expected me to cook for him, but I did. He was working away in the office and on his phone sorting out…life? Twenty minutes went by and then before him was a plated up meal of what looked like ‘yum-yum.’ The presentation of it, is always good. I’m great at that part…with everything I do, be it my boobs, my food, my life. Yet the food…was erm…just okay.

He was on the phone and I placed it down next to him in the office before walking out and as I walked downstairs to place a fishcake on a baby plate ‘pour moi’ he said his first words to me in days…and his words of choice were ‘Thank You.’ I said ‘You’re welcome,’ but he wouldn’t have heard me, as I had my head in the oven.

Then as I brought mine up, I slid him a water. Again he said ‘Thank you.’ I didn’t say anything that time because my mind was on the fact that I had to get through my food and my mind just wasn’t feeling it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me? But anyway, i’m happy that I cooked for him and I’m happy that he appreciated it enough to actually say words to me.  I guess they do say that the way to a man’s heart is via his stomach. With Keiran it’s usually food and blow jobs. I went with of course…I don’t give blow jobs to men that don’t talk. 🙂 It’d be too odd.

I’ve just got through my food, which was horrid, but whatever, it was food. I changed my midwife appointment at the same time as eating fishcakes, text talked with Kelly and I now need to change my hair appointment that I have on Thursday.

Now, the only problem that I have is the fact that (and this is what was on the note that I gave him) when we were all chipper and romantic, I bought him an early birthday present, one that he did actually request, along with golf lessons, if you remember. (I haven’t bought them yet.) But anyway…before i get distracted, I bought him a holiday away to the forest. Not the big one we’re going on with his entire family in April, yet another last minute trip before then, as a surprise.

Surprises of that sort are the kinda surprises that you need to mention a little in advance, right? So, i booked it for his birthday and booked it out of love. I wanted to make him happy and he always has on my birthday and on Christmas etc…and well going to the luxury cabin in the forest is one of his favourite places of harmony, so I thought ‘PERFECT,’ i’ll do it…and booked the LAST CABIN AVAILABLE, at the LAST MINUTE for one of his birthday treats. (Buying the last thing of anything great makes you feel good! I don’t know why it does?)

Okay, so all the other dates had been sold out. The week before his birthday, the weekend of his birthday, the following week after his birthday..and well anytime after that would be pointless, as we’re going in April on the 22nd anyway.

So, I booked the only time I could and with only one cabin left, booked it for Monday March 11th, for 4 days…which is next week. Since booking it, well a day or two afterward, we fought and stopped talking to one another. #lovely Meaning I was left with a predicament and didn’t what to do. It was too late for me to cancel and get any money back…and so on the note I wrote,

Dear Keiran, 

I’ve had to write you this note because I have a little problem and obviously we’re not speaking to one another. 🙁 

But for a birthday surprise, I had booked a week away in the forest for us because you said it was what you wanted. Yet I booked it for next week.

What shall we do?

Chrissie ‘

I gave him the note, folded in two…and remember he left it on the sofa, ignored me and well I don’t even know if he read it?

I found it on the sofa later and because I was angry that he disrespected my effort at communication, I ripped it up and threw it in the bin.

To this moment, he hasn’t said ANYTHING about it. So, now…and because I’ve already fully paid for the entire thing, plus the fact that I do love it there AND I had to upgrade, due to it being the last cabin…I’ll probably have to go on my own…for his birthday! He hasn’t even mentioned it to me, or said that he would like to go. So there i’ll be, sat in my luxury 2 story, sleeps 8, four bedroomed massive cabin in the forest equipped with bubbling hot tub in the woods…on my own, celebrating my husbands birthday…with or without him. How bad! It shouldn’t be like that and simply because things pf that sort and moments of that sort are meant to be shared.

But either way, I hope he comes, as I don’t want to do it alone…there’s no fun in that, especially since it’s his birthday present.  Plus, I hope that he mentions it soon, as that money could’ve been spent elsewhere, yet I chose to spend it on him for his birthday. I mean last week, when I re-asked him to place what he wished for IN ORDER for his birthday..the first thing he said, after a think was ‘to go away.’ I don’t want to spend his birthday going away present by myself…but if he doesn’t tell me soon, i’m gonna have to. It’s so weird. I don’t even know if he read the note or anything? So as of right now, in 5 days time…i’m on holiday in a luxury cabin for 8, in the forest, with a hot tub…and maybe on my own, for someone elses birthday. Jeeze! I didn’t buy it for me. I bought it for him. So if he can’t go, i’ve wasted my money and done something lovely for someone who didn’t want the surprise. 🙁

I think i’ve been really giving! I wrote the note, I bought him a surprise b-day present, I let him do the nursery run this morning AND I cooked him lunch…and we’re still not talking.

Cest la vie.






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