Manchester United then Glamour Pussing

Some of you are off to see the Wizard, others are away with the fairies and I am trundling to the Manchester United Vs Middlesbrough Game today!! It’s an ‘away’ game. I enjoy the word ‘away’ simply because it means i’m doing something other than being bored. I wouldn’t usually do this, but this little glamour puss scored herself an invite at the last minute. (I root for Man U. Their boys with balls ROCK!!)

I’m getting picked up at Leeds train station by a gentleman who swears his bedroom is a wig-wam. Infact, i’m not sure whether he said ‘bedroom’  or pants?? Unless he refers to the inside of his pants as a ‘bedroom?’ But that would be too genius for him, methinks. So yes, i’ll be in Middlesbrough for the majority of the day, cheering with football hooligans, hopefully they’ll all get naked, sweaty and start fighting. Then i will be returning back to MANCHESTER after the game, to pout, get ready and well hit the town! I’m painting the streets with a bit of ‘razzle dazzle,’ and i’m sort of half scared (haha) half excited! LOVE it!

I’m gonna be getting shown around my the a dude who assures me the knows a ‘good time’ and i’m currently watching a pre-school kids program, with humans in leggings skipping around singing, leaping and pretending to be dogs. I can’t decide whether they are GREATNESS or just spastics?

If you’re in Manchester tonight, getting ya sexy on….join me in the merriment. I love you! (Sometimes!)

Winks x

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