Mama is busy

Morning soldiers! Hope life is gifting you appropriately and delivering some calm, yet exciting delights. Don’t get too excited as this is just a quickie (oh-er) to check in with you and tell you that I’m still live, i’m still kicking, however just busy. I have a hugely busy work week that comes to an end on Friday evening. Then I shall cuddle babies and vino!! Hurrah! I’m loving life and I can’t believe how lucky I am to be surrounded by such positive beings.

The babies are fine. Motherhood is excellent. I had them all dressed and ready before 7am today, even though I cringed at the 6am alarm clock beep. The skies were pink and blue, as I looked outside the bedroom window. It meant it was going to be a good day.

On the love life front, somethings happened to me? I think I finally opened my eyes and got really tired of being treated with such disregard. I mean if someone was to treat my own daughter the way I have been recently been treated by a boy, i’d kill them. Why would it be okay for me? Well now…it’s not. πŸ™‚ *Girl power* I’m a wonderful chica, good of heart, loving, happy, fun, raised well, educated, mother, money maker and with an exotic twist of feist. I’m passionate. Don’t let someone who’s had a broken past mind game you for their own kicks. In love…people love. When others forget to…it’s there own fault. Sometimes you’ve just got to let people lie in the bed that they made, they chose and they wanted. I can see through anything and fake happiness, mind games and all that good, jolly bits of stuff, is useless on me. I’ve lived both sides of the fence. I’ve been the person I am now and i’ve been broken. The thing that tilted me over was the simple fact that I got used…for sex. From that point…i opened my eyes to a human being who doesn’t deserve my attention. I mean what an awful thing to do to someone you’re supposed to care about. Michael did that too in the end and it is what made me loose all respect for him. I got on a plane and I let LA. You can’t treat your wife, like she’s a cheapen whore, as you as a man have made a commitment to love, protect and honour that girl. If that’s the way you honour her…then you have no respect for women. If you have no respsect for women, you can’t be in Wunnaland, nor can you raise a little girl, or be a role model for a little boy. If you marry a girl, you marry her and it is your job as a man to see through that commitment with strength, love and care. Provide, protect, love. hat’s what being a man is. And if you can’t provide, well it’s the little things that count. I mean, on Monday on my day off, because it was raining and because Pete didn’t want me out in it, he offered to pick Ruby and Junior up from nursery, as he was going to pick Ruby up anyway. He was already there, yet to make my life easier and for no other reason than being kind and thoughtful, he drove all the way back to mine, picked up Junior’s car seat and returned to nursery to pick BOTH babies up…in the rain, before dropping them straight off. It’s the little things. It made me look at men differently. What a kind thing to do…

The good thing is that I’M HAPPY! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I’m doing a 23 day countdown with my sexy friend Emily…i’ll tell you the story when we get nearer to the time and when I’m not in a rush, because it’s actually AMAZING.

Okay, love you,love you, love you…

Must dash.

Work, work, work!

FYI/ You’ll be able to buy my lashes soon. x




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